Posted on April 21, 2020

Vodafone Qatar has launched HTC Vive Cosmos, the very latest premium PC-based virtual reality (VR) gaming unit promising gamers a more fully immersive gaming experience.

Qatar’s gaming enthusiasts struggling to choose between the many VR systems now available on the market – whether as first-time buyers or as an upgrade from their current first-generation VR system – need look no further. The most versatile of VR systems yet, the HTC Vive Cosmos is designed to create a new level of accessibility, ease of use and superior performance. All-new accessories include six camera sensors for tracking, the highest clarity visuals, and improved ergonomics and comfort.

The simplified setup of the all-new Vive tracking system makes getting into VR far more seamless and the six camera sensors, which track the headset's position by monitoring its surroundings, offer wide and accurate inside-out tracking. A 2880 x 1700 combined pixel resolution is a substantial increase over the original Vive to deliver sharp and lucid text and graphics. All-new LCD panels reduce the distance between pixels and, combined with real RGB displays, serve to minimize the immersion-breaking “screen-door effect”.

The new modular faceplate design is one of the standout features of the Vive Cosmos, with accessories that can change the functionality of the headset with options to add new faceplates in the future and easily launch gamers into the virtual world. A unique flip-up design allows users to make the leap between reality and virtual reality in seconds. Superior ergonomics and comfort allow for extended VR experiences and integrated on-ear headphones provide fully immersive sound. Cosmos also features controllers that maximize functionality within VR and offer comfort even during marathon gaming sessions. Cosmos is also compatible with the Vive Wireless Adapter for those who prefer a little extra mobility to move in VR.

Additionally, Vive Cosmos is the first VR headset to offer the Vive Reality System, an entirely new design philosophy for VR that lets players navigate between virtual experiences effortlessly. Cosmos features a redesigned user interface called Lens to easily navigate XR and applications on VIVEPORT Infinity, the world’s first unlimited VR subscription services, which includes more than 750 top-rated VR apps, games, and videos. A new and dynamic home space called Origin is the launchpad for VR applications and interactive experiences that will continue to grow over time.

The HTC VIVE Cosmos headset and a pair of controls will retail for the limited time launch price of QAR 2,799. The special launch offer includes a free six-month membership of VIVEPORT Infinity, offering unlimited access to hundreds of premium VR apps, games, and videos and a range of other content exclusive to subscribers. Vive Cosmos is now available at Vodafone Qatar’s online shop and retail stores located in City Centre, Mall of Qatar, and Furrousiya. To ensure the safety of its customers, Vodafone Qatar is also offering free door-to-door delivery of every Vive Cosmos ordered. Customers can request this service at  

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