Posted on June 20, 2019

Students of Stenden University of Applied Sciences - Qatar  successfully organised a charity event as part of the Universities Fighting World Hunger Initiative.  The event was synchronized across all NHL Stende campuses and took place in 5 different countries across all continents.

Universities Fighting World Hunger is a growing, global network of universities working in partnership to amplify the voice of the growing generation – a voice calling for a world free from hunger and malnutrition. Through this initiative, universities help to stop hunger from spreading around the world and aims to make new generations aware of the need to prevent hunger and poverty. This programme aspires to help in achieving one of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, that of Zero Hunger.

There is no better place to raise awareness of global poverty and hunger than in universities and through young generations. Universities act as a key hub for such an enterprise where all are committed to stimulate student awareness about hunger as a critical global issue and help students find ways to make meaningful contributions regardless of background, major or career path. Research initiatives also help in gaining realistic data and new insights for this set goal. The result is a near limitless capacity to create and disseminate new strategies, programmes, and processes to eradicate world hunger.

The event took place at the Stenden Qatar campus in the presence of university staff, students, and representative of Qatar Charity. Dr. Ivan Ninov, Executive Dean of Stenden Qatar opened the event and welcomed the organisers and the participants. He emphasized on the importance of this noble initiative and commended the active engagement of the different NHL Stenden campuses across the world in it. Mr. Nasser Al-Megeaiseeb, Director of Relief and International Partnerships from Qatar Charity spoke about the importance of eliminating world hunger and referred to the involvement of Qatar Charity in achieving the goal of having Zero Hunger by 2030.

Thanks to the support from Qatar Charity, students from Stenden Qatar, their families along with University staff had the opportunity to make donations towards combatting world hunger. During the event, all participants engaged in different activities while fasting for a few hours before breaking their fast.