Posted on July 28, 2016
Aqua Park and Turkish Airlines sponsored the prizes for the winning participants in Ramadan radio programme ‘Asfar’ prepared and produced by Qatar Charity (QC) and broadcasted live on Sawt AlKhaleej in Ramadan for two consecutive years.
The programme received a huge number of listeners. Aqua Park supported the programme by contributing 250 free tickets, each costing QR180 and valid until November 18 this year. The prizes were distributed during 15 episodes, each consisting of five tickets allowing families to enjoy Aqua Park as a tourist destination in Qatar this summer. Turkish Airlines offered premium prizes for four winners in a form of tickets awarded to lucky programme contributors. Each ticket route is (Doha- Istanbul-Doha) and valid until 2016-end.
Turkish Airlines also supported QC in setting up Iftar meals last Ramadan in Nigeria covering 2,000 beneficiaries as part of its social responsibility and community development efforts, supporting those in need within Nigeria through the projects of QC. ‘Asfar’ is a live variety radio programme offering rich competitions in cultural and general knowledge areas. Prepared by Hamed Aladdin and presented by Ahmad Al Ali and Mohammed Al Enezi, the programme consists of several parts such as Travelling through cities of the world, journey into ancient times, Exploring the great minds of people who contributed to humanity development presenting key inventions and social innovations.
The programme offers a number of attractive information to the public listeners. For instance, presenting non-traditional unique projects undertaken by QC such as, e-mobile phone applications, and other youth initiatives that seek to develop the communities in innovative ways. The programme seeks to demonstrate the common values of all nations using virtual Travels through 27 countries where QC has field offices and 73 countries where it offers its services.
source: The Peninsula