Posted on November 29, 2013

Total E&P Qatar recently presented Dopet with the award for best contractor of the year during the second session of its bi-annual Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Contractor Forum.

The award is given for upholding the company’s HSE best practices. The event was a platform for informative exchanges between 11 contracting companies regarding the initiatives that they have undertaken throughout 2013, as well as Total’s best HSE methods.

Contractors are of great importance to Total as they represent over 80% of the total volume of man-hours in Qatar. This year, Total has developed and started to implement an extensive safety culture programme promoted among its employees and contractors in order to achieve safety at the workplace.

The participants at the award ceremony.

“Safety culture is about changing the safety behaviour of people. This new approach starts at the base level, to change their thinking and perceptions, values, beliefs and attitudes. For every new employee or contractor, we provide an e-learning course to familiarise them with our safety rules. Starting from day one, they are able to anticipate risks and prevent accidents,” said Mohamed Basser, health, safety and environment manager at Total E&P Qatar.

“Safety should always come first, whether at home, at work or on the road,” said Stephane Michel, managing director of Total E&P Qatar.

“Dopet has set a good example of following our strict HSE rules and achieving a zero-accident record. At Total, we encourage all our employees and contractors to value and abide by the ‘Safety for you, for me and for all’ guidelines, highlighting the safety behaviour within our company,” Michel added.

Source: Gulf Times

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