Posted on September 09, 2016

Qatar Charity (QC) has inaugurated the “sacrifices campaign” for year 1437 under the title “Your Sacrifice, Their Eid”, which seeks to provide 26,040 sacrifices (cows and goats) in 37 countries across Asia, Africa and Europe. Thousands of people are expected to benefit from the various projects lined up as part of the campaign, to be implemented at a cost of around QR23.28mn, QC has said in a statement.

Beyond Qatar, the campaign targets 36 countries and seeks to provide 23,040 sacrifices at more than QR11mn. Within the country, the campaign aims to distribute 3,000 sacrifices - from which some 14,400 people will benefit. The total cost of the project is QR1.4mn. The sacrifices will be distributed on the third and fourth days of Eid al-Adha to the beneficiaries, including widows and other groups of people. Eid clothing will be provided to orphans and needy children, with the initiative costing more than QR500,000. A number of educational and cultural activities/events will also be held during the campaign.

Speaking on new projects, Yousef bin Ahmed al-Kuwari, CEO of QC, said: “This year’s campaign will include paying atonements and vows, the charity of the ‘Ten of Dhu al-Hijja’ and offering pilgrims’ presents. “Besides, there will be programmes that are annually implemented, such as substitution Haj, pilgrims’ meals, Eid clothing within and outside Qatar as well as cultural and educational events.” He noted that during this time of the year, QC opens its doors for good-doers to provide some happiness to the less fortunate. “There are hundreds of thousands of needy people in different countries. We can help them have better life through such projects.”

Al-Kuwairi congratulated the Qatari people and the Islamic nation on the occasion of Eid and prayed for a season of giving, worshipping and generosity. He also encouraged good-doers to make use of the month of Dhu al-Hijja and donate for the campaign, which would help increase the number of sacrifices offered. “There are millions of Muslim families that are poor and rarely eat meat. They only get to eat it during Eid. They need us,” he said. A huge share of the sacrifices is allocated for countries that suffer from “exceptional circumstances”, according to QC. This year, 490 sacrifices of cows will be distributed in Palestine and at Palestinian camps outside at an estimated cost of QR735,000. Syrians in Syria and refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon will receive more than 1,027 sacrifices of mutton at a cost of over QR1.02mn.

QC also seeks to distribute 4,646 sacrifices of mutton in Somalia at a cost of QR1.85mn and 2,632 in Yemen at QR1.44mn, among others. The prices will be set according to the nature and circumstances of the country where the slaughter will take place. People can donate to the campaign through QC’s app, website (, collection points and branches in the city or through the hotline, 44667711. When donating more than QR5,000, donors can call for house collectors through the QC app. Last year, QC provided 1,000,000 people from 55 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe with meat (sacrifices). The organised allocated a huge share of the sacrifices, amounting to more than 28,000, to countries facing difficult circumstances.

source: Gulf Times