Posted on December 14, 2016

The Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels in Doha has kicked off the Qatar National Day festivities by celebrating the traditions of Qatar and paying tribute to the people who built the Nation. The hotel will arrange for a cake cutting ceremony for the guests.

Qatar National Day represents an important annual milestone in the history of Qatar. It not only commemorates the country’s unification and independence but is also an opportunity for the nation to come together to reflect on past accomplishments as well as to look towards the future.

With the celebrations of Qatar National Day in full swing, it’s also the perfect time to indulge in Qatari food and desserts with families, friends and loved ones. Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels, known for its Arabian feasts and gourmet goodies, has announced that it will celebrate Qatar National Day by offering traditional food at special prices in all its outlets. To begin with, Al Shurfa restaurant will serve traditional Qatari breakfast buffet from 6:00 am till 10:30 am, with Live Stations of “Shakshouka”, “Rokak”, “Sajj”, “Balaleet” and “Karak tea”. The breakfast package is priced at QR 75 per person.

Further, Al Shurfa will offer a special buffet for both lunch and dinner, priced at QR 120 per person that features some of the best dishes from the region. For instance, the salad bar menu will comprise tabouleh, fine Arabic salad, besides rocca salad and Fatoush. It will also have a Sushi Station, where Qatari bazaar marinated hammour tempura roll, breaded calamari with spicy miso and dates as well as tuna machbous roll will be served. On the balcony, there will be live barbeque & wrap station that will offer beef kebab, lamb kebab, shish taouk, kofta and spicy kebab. Those with sweet tooth will appreciate the Desserts Stations that will include “Konafa” and “Katayef”. The restaurant will be open from 11 am till midnight.

Visitors and guests can also stop by at the Italian food stalls in front of Al Bidda Boutique Hotel and indulge in the choicest range of pizza, priced at QR 20 per piece and pasta at QR 40. These stalls offer dine in as well as take away food services and will be open from 12:00 pm till 12:00 am. Moreover, the food stalls in Al Terrace will have a wide spread on offer comprising Shawarma for QR 15, fish curry with plain rice for QR 32, chicken machbous served with plain yoghurt at QR 30 and Harees at QR 25. These stalls will remain open from 6:00 pm till 11:30 pm.

With a variety of offerings, visitors can look forward to indulge in lavish feasts featuring traditional favorites and be wowed by the stunning presentations.