Posted on February 15, 2019

Qatar University (QU) has named HE Sheikha Ahmed Al-Mahmoud, the previous Minister of Education as CSR Person of the Year 2018, in recognition of her inspiring lifetime achievements in support of generations of students, throughout her lengthy career in education.

Every year, the Corporate Social Responsibility network (CSR) report recognizes the achievements of the inspiring leaders who have contributed to CSR on a national level.

The report is issued in QU under the patronage of HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al Thani, in partnership with Qatar CSR Network; and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Qatar Post, with the contribution of ministers, ambassadors and leading figures and the sponsorship of major institutions. QU is proud to announce that this season is launched under the theme of volunteering, in harmony with the international standards of volunteering in preparation for the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup. In addition, this year’s CSR report will include a special chapter entitled “The 21st Century Initiative for Qatar 2022: Qatar's Mission for Peace through Sport.”

Dr. Hassan Al-Derham (pictured), President of Qatar University said, “HE Sheikha Al-Mahmoud is the first female Minister of Education and the first woman in Qatar and the GCC to hold such an important ministerial position, which demonstrates high trust in Qatari women's abilities and capabilities. Her Excellency has played a major role in the development of the social awareness and the public vision towards education and the involvement of all categories of the society in the educational process. She supported the development of a socially responsible culture that recognizes quality education and family rights in securing the best educational opportunities for their children."

Sheikha Al-Mahmoud as CSR 2 [].jpg

HE Sheikha Ahmed Al-Mahmoud said, "It has always been the national responsibility of the independent school system to lead the modernization process, taking into account that the contractor, the director, the educational and administrative teams are partners in the social responsibility of education, which requires that the independence of the school be established. To compete in educational fields such as curricula, teaching methods, the use of technological media, the development of children's abilities and the building of their personalities, are all part of a great structure that builds them and allows them to be qualified to deal with tomorrow with balance, confidence and competence.”

QU is hosting the launching ceremony of the report in the presence of senior officials and academic personalities. The report enhances the abilities of QU students through their contribution in its preparation. It is an academic book that monitors the CSR progress in Qatar and highlights the achievements of the major economic bodies in social responsibility. The report honors CSR leading institutions; and enjoys wide media coverage. The award ceremony includes the unveiling of a painted portrait of the person of the year by a reputable artist to be held permanently in a dedicated place at the university’s campus, in addition to granting the named person a special shield and a certificate made of fine wood.