Posted on October 26, 2019

Qatar National Library’s latest installment of its Science Book Forum took a closer look at the significance of the Earth’s ice caps to Qatar and its people.

The talk highlighted the important role of the ice caps in maintaining the stability of temperatures and seasons on the planet. It alsodiscussed the different types of icy environments on Earth, such as glaciers, sea ice and ice shelves. The talk also illustrated how ice caps melt and reform, and how such changes have a measurable impact on Qatar. Amina Abbas, who attended the talk, said: “Global warming is something that we always talk about with friends, and it is difficult to understand the actual meaning of such natural phenomena. The lecture today simplified the impact of global warming and how our actions affect the environment.”

Science Talk at Qatar [].jpg

“We need to hear from scientists about what makes the world’s temperature change. This was explained very well during the lecture,” said Ali Ghassan, a science teacher, who attended the lecture. “The Science Book Forum is a very useful platform for youth in Qatar to learn about scientific concepts by listening to experts from around the world.” The Library established the Science Book Forum in 2018 to encourage science reading through public forums that discuss influential books and scientific papers on crucial topics of general interest.

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