Posted on February 29, 2016

The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS) has released the fourteenth issue of the quarterly publication “Window on Economic Statistics of Qatar”.

The reference quarter of this issue is the third Quarter of 2015 (Q3 2015).All the latest available macro-economic indicators (as at December 2015) , relating to National Accounts, Prices, Public finance, and the Balance of Payments have been assembled in a single report. It is a very handy report and is meant to help diverse users, in particular, policy and decision makers.

This publication comprises three parts, as follows :

Part 1 Part 1 contains a table comparing the economic performance of Qatar with other economies and regions, in terms of three indicators: (i) Real GDP annual growth rate, (ii) CPI (y-o-y) change and (iii) Current Account Balance as percentage of GDP, is also provided. Data for the other countries/region  have been revised in light of  information published in the “IMF World Economic Outlook of October 2015”.

The real growth rate of GDP for Qatar, measured at 2013 constant prices, in 2014, was 4.0%, slightly higher than that of the World (3.4%) and, that of the Advanced Economies (1.8%). The year- on - year change in the CPI, in 2014, was 3.4% for Qatar, the same level as that of the World, compared to 1.4% for the Advanced Economies and 6.5%, for the Middle East and North Africa. The Current Account Balance as percentage of GDP, in 2014, remained among the highest in the world at 23.6%, compared to 0.4% for the Advanced Economies and 6.1% for the Middle East and North Africa.

Part 2 presents an analysis of the quarterly statistics relating to GDP, CPI, PPI, Exports and Imports and compares the performance in the third quarter of 2015 with that of the corresponding quarter of 2014 and, with that of the previous quarter.

Part 3 contains an article on the concepts and definitions used for the compilation of an  Energy Balance. An Energy Balance is an accounting framework for the compilation and reconciliation of data on all energy products entering, exiting, and used within the  national boundary. The compilation of an Energy Balance for Qatar will require the cooperation of various institutions and companies. It is therefore important for all the stakeholders (data suppliers, compilers and users) to have a common understanding of the concepts, definitions and terminology.

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