Posted on November 07, 2019

Qatar University (QU) hosted the Science for Sustainable Development 2019 Conference (SSD2019) this week where scientific advancements in sustainable development were covered through four dedicated sessions: food security, waste management, water management and renewable energy. The conference focused on addressing how these resources can be actively integrated in order to enable sustainable resource management.

Senior officials in QU attended the conference including QU President Dr. Hassan Al-Derham, QU Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Omar Al-Ansari, QU Vice President for Research & Graduate Studies Professor Mariam Al-Maadeed and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Prof. Ibrahim AlKaabi (pictured).

Prof. Ibrahim AlKaabi spoke at the conference-opening saying, “Sustainable development is considered a strategic way to achieving economic prosperity and environmental sustainability in local and international communities. From this point of view, this conference focuses on innovative ways to solve developmental challenges in the areas of food and water security, waste management and renewable energy.” Prof. AlKaabi said the conference reflects the QU vision to promote the culture of scientific research as an effective tool in addressing challenges. In addition, the conference connects researchers and students with their counterparts locally and internationally and introduces new research trends that contribute to sustainable development.

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Prof. Al-Kaabi added, “Our goal is to shed a spotlight on the efforts –both locally and internationally- towards achieving the vision of sustainable development, which is the vision of our nation Qatar, and the goal of the United Nations. In addition, sustainability is a priority of the QU strategy, which covers 2018-2022 and sets a clear path towards excellence in education, scientific research, institutional development and community participation.” Director of QU’s Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) Dr. Hareb Al Jabri also spoke at the event and gave a presentation on the CSD, its departments and achievements, stressing that sustainable development is one of the cornerstones of Qatar National Vision 2030.

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In the Qatar National Vision 2030, sustainable development is one of the main pillars, focusing on aspects of finding a balance between preserving the environment, managing natural resources, and economic and social developments. Key factors which need to be addressed for integrated sustainable resource management are food security, water conservation, renewable energy and waste management. Attempting to integrate all the aforementioned sectors, under the vision of a circular economy, can only be achieved via adopting a policy that actively involves all relevant stakeholders, increases awareness, and establishes effective and reliable communication and coordination links among all players involved.