Posted on April 21, 2016

"Traffic Safety is Everyone's Responsibility" was the theme of the event held by Qatar Road Safety Studies Center (QRSSC) at Qatar University College of Engineering (QU-CENG) on April 19 to highlight the importance of traffic safety in the country. The event was part of the Center’s ongoing efforts to engage the wider community on its responsibility to take appropriate safety measures on roads and highways.

Attendees included QU president Dr Hassan Rashid Al Derham, Traffic Department director Brigadier Mohammed Saad Al-Kharji, Traffic Awareness Department director Lt Col Mohamed Radi al-Hajri, CENG members including dean Dr Khalifa Al-Khalifa, and assistant professor of computer science and engineering Dr Noor Al-Maadeed, College of Education associate professor Dr Batoul Muhieddin S Khalifa, College of Law assistant professor Dr Basher Saad Zaghloul, as well as faculty, staff, and representatives from QU and the Traffic Department.

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Commenting on the event, Dr Al-Khalifa said: “Road safety is a critical area of interest in Qatar, and the College of Engineering continues to demonstrate its commitment to citizen safety on Qatar’s roads by engaging community members in a range of awareness programs and activities, and in developing research to find sustainable solutions to road and traffic challenges in Qatar. Through its various programs, campaigns, activities and research, CENG is contributing to enhancing awareness on the importance of adhering to the principles of road safety with the view to realizing the vision stated in the Qatar Road Safety Strategy, and in support of Qatar National Vision 2030”.

Dr Khalifa stressed the role of family and community in considering the values to which individuals should adhere, to raise their awareness of traffic safety with the idea of “removing harm from the roads”, which should be known by both children and adults. Dr Khalifa suggested that more workshops should be run for children and parents on how to improve children's knowledge and skills to change behavior by following their parents’ example.

Brigadier Al Kharji expressed his gratitude to QU for its commitment in providing the community in Qatar with studies and research in traffic safety which benefit Qatar and its people, and in organizing various road safety initiatives. He also stressed the importance of strengthening both parties’ efforts to increase the community’s awareness of Qatar’s traffic safety challenges. “Such events are a valuable addition to our efforts to better respond to these challenges”, he said.

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Colonel Al-Hajri said: "The mission of the Traffic Awareness Department supports all events that serve to spread a culture of traffic awareness among community members and school students, which is achieved through joint events, initiatives, and collaborations. This event is in line with the national strategy on road safety to reduce accidents and raise community awareness of road safety,” he added.

Dr Al-Maadeed said: “Qatar has a great interest in the issue of traffic safety, which is evident in the decision to set up the National Committee for Traffic Safety”. She noted that on January 13 2013, the National Strategy for Safety (2013-2022) was launched to boost Qatar’s commitment to the reduction of road accidents and pave the way towards an ambitious long-term vision, providing a safe road transport system that aims to protect all users against serious injuries and fatalities.”

Dr Zaghloul said that the College of Law is preparing to add a subject on Traffic Safety to the university’s general curriculum given that a large number of QU students are drivers with some having been victims of accidents”. Students will learn traffic safety morals and principles, and some of them will be trained in traffic safety and traffic investigation, which will contribute to the reduction in accidents rates in Qatar”.