Posted on March 12, 2020

Qatar University (QU) continues regular classes through virtual learning system, as The Government Communications Office announced, the suspension of classes in public and private schools and universities for all students in the State of Qatar, to limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and to ensure the safety of students in all public and private educational institutions.

QU administration has delivered many workshops on the techniques for distance education and directed all professors to start using them from 15 March. A number of faculty members expressed the importance of the efforts made by University on distance education.

Dr. Omar Al Ansari, Vice President of Academic Affairs QU, issued clear instructions which must be taken into consideration for the success of this educational system; by attend training workshops for distance education platforms held by Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning on regular basis; attending the lectures according to the academic schedule; providing the students with links to their lecture in advance; respect the privacy while using these interactive platforms and students will be informed that the lectures will be recorded and uploaded on the software being used.

Instructions issued by Vice President, confirmed that the course professor is responsible for following up students' attendance as well as for their academic performance. The faculty is also advised to us the electronic platforms in order to communicate to their fellow colleagues. Commenting on the new virtual educational system, Dr. Khaled Kamal Naji, Dean of College of Engineering QU said, "The College is following the direction issued by University administration, currently we are conducting workshops for faculty to familiarize themselves to this system. We are focusing on the new system which can help students interact with professors through this portal.”

QU continues educational system 2 [].jpg

Prof. Ibrahim Alkaabi, Dean of General Studies QU said that The College has started applying the virtual education in foundation programs and general requirements according to the course. As for the College of Arts and Sciences, the science department has already begun to study and communicate with university students through virtual educational system, while other departments will start the functioning from 15 March. Dr. Adam Fadlallah, Dean of College of Business and Economics QU, emphasized that the College has started to function under this system which has given us the ability to continue working on regular basis.

Commenting on the launch of virtual education, Dr. Mohamed Diab, Dean of College of Pharmacy QU: “The activation of the distance learning system comes in response to the statement issued by the government in order to reduce the spread of Corona Virus, QU has planned a comprehensive plan, College has started to implement the new system which will help students in managing their course respectively.” Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ansari, Dean of the College of Sharia QU also held a meeting on the same day announcement was made by the government and issued several preparatory measures to all the staff and students.

Commenting on the University’s development towards virtual education, Dr. Mona Al-Marzouqi, Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, confirmed that Law School has intensified its efforts to use the distance education system. The faculty members of the Faculty of Law have begun giving their lectures remotely to students at the same time and in order to continue education. It has now become the alternative way of delivering the lectures at QU, this system will help students have interactive communication with professors. This technique allows students to ask questions by voice recording and writing. This system aims to enrich academic experience at Qatar University.