Posted on February 12, 2016

Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has launched an urgent relief project costing $1m (QR365,000) responding to the displacement wave in northern Aleppo countryside in Syria. The Syrian conflict is alarmingly escalating, making life there impossible and pushing thousands of civilians towards Bab Al Salam border crossing on the Turkey-Syria borders.

Since day one, QRCS prepared an emergency intervention plan to contribute medical and relief aid, deploying its medics and field teams to meet the vital needs of the displaced families on the ground. Accordingly, a full-fledged mobile emergency clinic was set up in southern Aleppo countryside. Working 24/7 to provide medications and primacy health care, the clinic is moving around the locations of the poorest IDPs to cover as many beneficiaries as possible.

The clinic’s first mission was in Bab Al Salama, where the doctors, nurses, and medics treated 15 children, five older people with chronic diseases, and five routine cases. At the same time, QRCS personnel distributed winter aid at the Al Nour Camp to 200 families from Kashta’ar and Al Bab towns. A total of 600 mattresses and 1,200 blankets were distributed, with each family receiving three mattresses and six blankets.

These provisions will help protect the vulnerable families against the cold, give them some relief, and reduce the deaths caused by bad weather conditions. The United Nations warned that the excessive flow of Syrians towards the northern part of the country will steadily pressure the IDP camps, which are inadequate to receive more newcomers, as thousands of civilians are flowing from across Aleppo Governorate.

source: The Peninsula