Posted on February 15, 2019

Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), has hosted its first Research Outcome Seminar (ROS) of the year at Education City, which followed Qatar National Sport Day and invited researchers to share the outcomes of their sport-focused projects with the local community.

The event, titled 'Sporting Research Excellence,' saw participants offer audience members interdisciplinary insights into multiple sport-related themes and discuss outcomes of their research, including topics such as temperature control in stadiums and the integration of sport and technology in promoting health. 

Researchers from Qatar University (QU), Qatar Football Association, Aspetar, Aspire Academy, Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar, QF member Hamad Bin Khalifa University, QF partner university Northwestern University in Qatar, and Murdoch University, Australia, participated in the seminar. Launched in 2013, ROS is a platform for the public to learn about the impact of research projects funded by QNRF and share their ideas and questions with the researchers. QNRF’s commitment to supporting sport-related research aligns with the Qatar National Research Strategy, which calls for the development and implementation of research programs to increase participation in sport and healthy activities in Qatar, and the design of innovative, commercially and technologically-viable solutions for the sports industry.

Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Taie, Executive Director, QNRF, said: “Quality research on sport is important, as it raises awareness about adopting healthy lifestyles and emphasizes the importance of exercise in creating healthy communities. In turn, this research contributes to the development of the country, as it is in line with Qatar National Vision 2030, which calls for people to come together through sports. “The Research Outcome Seminars are an important platform, providing a valuable glimpse into the impact of the research projects that QNRF is funding across all disciplines. They also showcase the significance of the research work that is under way locally to relevant beneficiaries and stakeholders in Qatar from the government sector, industry, and the public.”

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Keynote speaker Dr. Ahmed Abdulrahman H.Y. Al-Emadi, Dean of College of Education, QU, said: “This was one of the most successful gatherings of the sports science community in Qatar. In response to national calls and community needs, Qatar University and the College of Education have taken effective steps by Arabizing curricula, ensuring better contextualization of education, creating new majors, and finding better ways for knowledge transfer in the field of sport. “Working off the success of this seminar, I look forward to our future collaborations with QNRF and extend an invitation to the scientific community to collaborate with the College of Education to further develop sport science and knowledge in Qatar.”

Since its establishment, QNRF has provided funding and resources for sports-related research to help promote the creation and transfer of sports science knowledge and highlight the significant and positive impact of sports-related research, as well as its practical application and relevance. Through such efforts, QNRF helps researchers bridge the gap between science and everyday practices in sports and exercise, and provides a platform to explore collaborations and partnerships between relevant stakeholders and communities in Qatar.

Dr. Fatemeh Darakhshan-Rassam, Programme Manager, Biomedical Sciences & Health, QNRF, said: “This seminar is an indication of the successful multidisciplinary projects QNRF has funded in sports-related research over the years and the importance we place in professional scientific development. "We hope that scientists will build on the success of this event to strengthen synergies with each other, and develop mechanisms through which exercise and sports can contribute to health maintenance and disease prevention in Qatar."