Posted on October 26, 2015

Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA), Qatar’s national leader and partner of choice for professional finance and business training, today announced its new programmes and courses for 2016 as they continue their efforts to enhance the level of competencies within the industry, in line with Qatar National vision 2030.

The programs cover a wide range of financial and business courses including banking, insurance, capital markets and asset management, business administration, compliance and anti-money laundering in addition to, leadership and management, communication and soft skills. Dr. Abdulaziz Al Horr the CEO of Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) presented a study about Human Capital Development Worldwide. The presentation emphasized on five main challenges in this field including culture & engagement, leadership, learning & development, reinventing HR and workforce available on demand.

In conjunction with announcing its new programs and courses, QFBA also revealed its new vision to be Center of Excellence through five main hubs. The first hub is Public Finance hub aimed to assist the MENA countries through a strategic partnership with Ministry of Finance and to serve as regional OECD centre. The second hub is Islamic Finance hub, where QFBA will develop and support this offering and solutions in order to establish fully integrated education plans. Competency Framework hub is one of the most important centres of excellence where QFBA is implementing Kafa’a the first professional licensing standards’ system for of the financial and banking sectors in Qatar.

Customer service hub is provides training to reach the level beyond customer satisfaction “customer happiness”. The last main hub in QFBA new vision is Training and Development where QFBA aims to be seen as the “go to” hub for enabling organizations and professionals to turn their dreams into reality. “QFBA is a key partner in achieving Qatar’s 2030 vision and this requires continued upgrades in our educational and training programmes but also in our vision,” said QFBA CEO Dr. Abdulaziz Al Horr. “We proudly & successfully implementing Kawader program to assess the organizations address their staff competencies and to provide training and development to Qatari human talent in the financial and business sector.

With more than 100 partnerships in Qatar, QFBA covers a broad range of business and financial programmes all aimed at constructing courses that fit the local market and add a significant value to a participant’s career goals”. QFBA collaborates with the best research entities in Qatar and the world to match with the market updates and expansion. QFBA implements these programmes and courses through international and professional trainers

QFBA devoted more than 1000 m² of space designed in a way to allow having more than one class at the same time. The academy is considered one of the most advanced training and education centers in Qatar. In addition, courses are designed to fit the work commitments of attendees.  The duration of courses may vary from 3 to 10 days in addition to professional courses such as (CPA), (CFA) (ACAM), (CIA), (ACI, Dealing), (ICA), and (CMA).