Posted on October 06, 2019

In 2019, in light of continuous demand for growth and sustainability of businesses and their needs across Qatar’s various sectors and industries, Qatar Finance and Business Academy’s (QFBA) relationship management team ventured into new markets, providing much needed development towards it’s clientele. Through these new ventures QFBA was able to achieve 25% growth in new clients.

QFBA’s clientele growth includes leading institutions and organizations across various sectors in Qatar such as, financial services, health care, charity, telecommunications and higher education. Equally remarkable is the increase in demand of training programs by returning clients in the public sector whereby QFBA has registered an average increase of 76% in its training and professional development programs for some of the returning clients in government and semi-government entities. This growth emphasizes the commitment of QFBA and organizations within the state of Qatar to maintain international standards of human capital performance.

Commenting on the relationship management team’s progress and achievements, D. Mohammed Abdullah Al Emadi, Head of Sales and Marketing at QFBA, said: “It is not overnight that our achievements came to be. Our success is the result of our ambitious vision and disciplined work in the development and servicing of programmes around the needs of institutions and companies in the market. To this end, our programmes have come to offer these organisations human capital development solutions for their businesses and contingency planning efforts through the capacity building of their talent, enabling them to keep pace with the changes in the global financial landscape. It is building on this track record that we earned our credibility among financial organisations in Qatar and multiplied our efforts to grow our client base within various sectors of the economy.” 

Under this vision and mission, the academy has focused its endeavours on strengthening and growing long-term relationships with its current clients, following their training needs, designing programmes around their professional ambitions, and raising awareness about beneficial courses for corporations and individuals. The academy has also exerted continuous efforts to open communication lines with prospect clients, showcasing its effectiveness across all levels, and encouraging them to build up their human capital resources to meet organizational goals.

QFBA has played an important role in supporting Qatari institutions with practical solutions to help them adopt and apply the latest knowledge and methods in the working space, and consequently increase productivity. The academy has serviced a number of Qatari institutions in the training  and the adoption of worldwide benchmarks  in sales, customer service and organisational behaviour. QFBA has also lent its resources to train and upskill employees and management across few organisations to elevate their competencies and capabilities toward transformative change.

Since it was established in 2009 under the auspices of the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), the Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) has made strides in elevating financial services sector talent pool standards, supporting organisations in achieving their business objectives in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.