Posted on October 06, 2014

Qatari Diar Vinci Construction (QDVC) recently presented its first annual Qatarisation award named 'Serge Moulene Qatarisation Awards' to the winners, said Qatar Tribune. 

QDVC's Chief Support Services Officer Sheikha Athba al Thani honoured the awardees in the presence of QDVC Executive Committee members and office bearers as well as head of departments. The 'Serge Moulene Qatarisation Awards' has been constituted to honour the outstanding service of the late Serge Moulene who got the vision to create QDVC. Serge Moulene joined Vinci in 1974 and spent dozens of years working in the Middle East. 

According to the company's press statement, Moulene understood the potential of Qatar in terms of infrastructure development needs and started to build strong relationship in Doha and tailored a solution for the State's ambitions of development. Moulene was a man of vision who encouraged the launch of the Qatarisation process few months after the inception of QDVC. "In the memory of Serge Moulene, we are all today committed to continuing his vision and we are celebrating these first Qatarisation Awards under his name with lot of respect and modesty," said Sheikha Athba said. 

The first award aims to foster QDVC's recognition of the line managers contributions to encourage Qatari employees to acquire new skills, ensure the transfer of knowledge and expertise useful to build a strong career. The second one is exclusively dedicated to Qatari employees who made a significant participation towards the Qatarisation target and made appreciable efforts in transferring the knowledge to other Qatari employees.

Former QHSE manager Henry Lemaire received the 'Best Line Manager of Year 2014' award at the ceremony for his extensive efforts to train Qatari employees and supervise their initiatives. Similarly, Eng Saad al Mansouri bagged the 'Best Qatari Employee of Year 2014' award. Saad took the position of Deputy QHSE manager in QDVC in 2012, after completing his undergraduate studies at Bordeaux University and is playing a considerable role within this sensitive department which cares about the health and safety of the 3,000 employees of QDVC.