Posted on May 25, 2016

Qatar Career Fair (QCF) has released the sixth issue of its annual bilingual ‘Career’ magazine entitled ‘Career Guide’. The release also coincides with the launch of the publication’s new interactive smart phone application, which can be downloaded via Apple Store and Google Play. QCF is a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), and its Career Guide is the first QF publication to produce a bespoke smart phone app, reflecting the organisation’s ongoing efforts to promote youth engagement in Qatar.

“The ‘Career Guide’ aims to provide a wealth of information for the Qatari youth, school and university graduates, parents, researchers and experts in the fields of career guidance and human development,” said Mr Abdullah Al Mansoori, QCF Director. “The latest issue offers important professional advice to readers and offers insight into youth success stories in various sectors and industries.” “The guide is part of a wider plan that aims to promote and nurture a career culture among members of Qatar’s society, helping young people choose an occupation that aligns with their skills and aspirations, while making appropriate educational and professional choices.”

Every year, 20,000 copies of the guide are distributed to provide advice and guidance to Qatar’s youth, as well as to promote a culture of career development within the local community. This year’s 64-page issue offers information and tips from career development experts to those looking for assistance in negotiating the employment market. It also provides an overview of the programmes, initiatives and activities organised by QCF to support Qatari youth and help them make informed decisions that reflect positively on their academic and professional future.

The magazine features five interviews with Qatar-based professionals who discuss their work in the fields of engineering, medicine, design, science and social networking. By sharing their experiences, they provide an overview of the skills required in each profession, and offer advice to young people looking to pursue a career in one of these fields. The latest issue also includes tips on how to write an appealing CV, as well as a cover letter that highlights the skills and achievements of applicants. Job seekers will also learn how to write social media profiles.

‘Career Guide’ has been distributed to multiple schools, universities and educational institutions across Qatar. Additionally, QCF dispatched a specialised team to introduce the magazine to students at more than 10 independent schools, and explain the objectives of the publication and its sections.