Posted on February 11, 2019

Qatar University (QU) College of Engineering (CENG) Department of Architecture and Urban Planning (DAUP) organize the GSM4Q conference, which is the 4th in a series of Game Set and Match conferences on the state of mind in architecture and urban design.

The conference is under the theme “Connecting People, Spaces and Machines: The Informed Nomadic Monad.” The GSM4Q conference covers a variety of specific yet strongly connected topics like swarm behavior, distributed climates, robotic buildings, informed materials, monads, nomads, scalable interactions, smart environments. The event was attended by QU President Dr. Hassan Al-Derham, CENG Dean Prof. Abdulmajid Hamouda, CENG Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Prof. Abbes Amira, Head of DAUP Dr. Fodil Fadli (pictured), DAUP Prof. Kasper Oosterhuis, students, faculty members and other representatives from fellow higher education institutions in Qatar, as well as professionals and practitioners from governmental and private institutions.

Qatar University organizes GSM4Q 2 [].jpg

In his opening speech, Dr. Fodil Fadli said, “This event is important to our department because it triggers interaction between faculty members, students and professionals with international speakers and scientists, who come from different backgrounds and different areas of expertise. We are here to discuss connecting people, spaces and machines in the realm of 21st century architecture. Our department is ready to explore and reach new horizons to empower next generation architecture students.” DAUP Professor Kasper Oosterhuis added, “The leading theme of the GSM4Q conference is “The Informed Nomadic Monad.” The monad is considered to be a design pattern that defines how inputs, processes and outputs together build generic types, as in functional programming. The nomad links back to the Bedouin history of Qatar and forward to its potential for today’s strategic planning.”