Posted on November 22, 2018

Qatar’s National Vision 2030 aspires to develop Qatar into a collective and prosperous country by providing values, equality, health and security on an individual, social, economic and environmental level. Qatar University (QU) in corporation with the Behavioral Healthcare Center are therefore proud to organize the first International Interdisciplinary Congress on Behavioral Health (IICBH 1st).

The congress aims to provide a multi-disciplinary platform for scholars, researchers, instructors and practitioners to present and discuss the latest findings, developments, dilemmas and solutions related to behavioral health. Behavioral health describes the interplay between behavior, mood and biology and the physical, mental and emotional well-being of an individual. It ranges from those suffering from disorders such as anxiety, personality disorders and depression to those struggling with stress, relationship problems and grief. It also encompasses the effects on an individual’s well-being caused by substances and their abuse, habits, addictive behavior and external (social) forces.

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Treatment of issues related to behavioral health is crucial to take back control of the individual’s life, with the aim of providing support through prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery. A multi-levelled approach aims to enhance the individuals mental and physical state by adequate adaptation of behavioral and emotional functioning, so they are able to thrive in society. The IICBH 1st congress objective is to increase awareness and understanding of behavioral health. This is achieved by bringing together the most recent and progressive knowledge and expertise, with the intention to improve behavioral health within society by promoting multi-levelled approaches and evidence-based practice and assessments.

The conference hosted a group of scientists in the field of behavioral health including: Didier Le Gall, Professor of Psychology, Vice President of Angers, University (France); Raj Kalaria, Professor of Cerebrovascular Pathology (Neuropathology) Institute of Neuroscience; Professor Daniel B. Kissinger, Chair of Department of Counseling, University of Nebraska at Omaha; and Professor Abdallah Badahdah, Social Psychology, South Dakota State University. In addition, five specialists from Qatar University, Hamad Medical Corporation and Sidra Medical and Research Center, along with 16 researches will present their findings during the congress sessions. The Congress Organizing Committee will publish the congress book in the near future.