Posted on December 05, 2018

The College of Pharmacy (CPH) at Qatar University (QU) honored the academic excellence of 92 of its students at a ceremony held recently to mark their inclusion on the Dean’s Honor List.

The ceremony acknowledged the efforts of pre-pharmacy and pharmacy students who made it onto the Dean’s list by achieving GPA scores of 3.5 or above in the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters. The ceremony was attended by CPH administration, faculty, students and their families. 92 distinguished students received their pins and certificates from CPH Dean, Dr. Mohammad Diab. Another 19 students were recognized for achieving international or local awards in the last academic year.

The event’s program featured an opening speech by CPH Assistant Dean for Students Affairs Dr. Alla El-Awaisi followed by a welcoming speech and presentation on CPH achievements over the last academic year delivered by Dean of the CPH Dr. Mohammad Diab. This was followed by a keynote speech by CPH MSc student Sawsan Al-Mukdad. The ceremony ended with the distribution of pins and certificates to the awarded students. In his remarks, Dr. Mohammad Diab said: “Events like the Dean’s List are an excellent opportunity for the CPH to recognize the efforts of its undergraduate students with outstanding records of academic performance. Through this celebration, students get to celebrate with faculty members and stakeholders as well as receive pins and certificates as an honor for their achievements. This also comes in alignment with Qatar University’s strategic plan of excellence.”

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Dr. Alla El Awaisi said, “Our students in CPH, proved their excellence in academic and scientific competencies, and have qualified for today’s distinction. They have also earned several prizes, both locally and internationally. Their distinction was not earned overnight, but was the result of their hard work, diligence and determination. We are proud of our students and graduates and highly believe that they will always be honored ambassadors for the college, Qatar University and the state of Qatar, and an integral part of the success and distinction of our college.”

Dr. Amani Al-Haddad, CPH PharmD graduate and Clinical Pharmacist at the Pharmacy Clinical Services Unit in Sidra Medicine attended the event saying, “Excellence is the dream of all students, but only those who have done their best in fulfilling the academic requirements could achieve it. Despite this, student effort is considered to be only one of the success factors. CPH played a crucial role in providing students with golden opportunities that enabled them to succeed. My colleagues and I give our sincere thanks to Allah first then to the college for their efforts with us. We dedicate our success to Qatar and always aim for raising its name highly.”

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Dima Kawas, the student who received the highest number of pins said, “Achieving academic excellence is both challenging and rewarding. Being on the Dean’s list is an honor realized by sincere dedication, family support and professor guidance. I am highly grateful to my college for its continuous appreciation of student hard work, sincerity and distinguished abilities and for always encouraging us to continue achieving academic excellence by offering various learning experiences. To the new students, I say: You can succeed, have fun, and own your future! With time management, you can have it all.”

First year pharmacy student, Asma Buojallouf said, “It is such a joy to celebrate this event along with a large number of fellow students. It a great honor to be on the Dean’s List. This achievement motivates me to work hard and to maximize my potential to reach my goals towards success.”