Posted on April 19, 2019

Qatar has ranked seventh on the US News list of the world's top 2019 investment destinations based on a survey of more than 7,000 global economic experts according to a set of criteria - economic flexibility, stability, tax rates, innovation and the availability of forces skilled workforce, level of reliance on technology, entrepreneurial progress and transparency.

According to the same classification, the per capita GDP in terms of purchasing power parity in Qatar is 124.12 thousand dollars, while the size of the country's GDP level of 167.6 billion dollars and the Qatari economy performed well despite the embargo imposed on the country since the fifth of June 2017, a series of measures that boosted the investment attractiveness of the state and increased the frequency of inflows of foreign investments received in conjunction with the strengthening of the role of the sector in the development process and the continuation of the boom of major development projects and achieve the economy to the best growth levels in the region.

source: Al Watan