Posted on March 02, 2016

The GCC Pavilions at Global Village have been celebrating the 20th season of the region’s leading family destination for cultural shopping and entertainment by showcasing their rich traditions and unique heritage to guests from around the world. These unique pavilions introduce the Gulf region’s range of products and aesthetics to guests, giving them the chance to learn about the UAE and surrounding countries, whether they are local residents or tourists.

Global Village’s 20th season is welcoming guests to GCC Pavilions across the park. Each pavilion is filled with rare and unique products that will entice GCC nationals, as well as visitors to Dubai.

Guests Transported to Doha’s Souq Waqif at the Qatar Pavilion

The Qatar pavilion has a unique façade that stands out with its traditional pigeon tower design and other traditional forts, like Al Zubarah fort. At night, the tower shines covered in lights that cover its façade. The pavilion on the inside is a duplicate of Souq Waqif, one of the most famous Qatari markets, and the Qatar Pavilion is renowned for its excellent products, such as traditional Abayas, perfumes, and Burqu’  that cover 35 different shops.

This year at Global Village’s Qatar Pavilion the entire pavilion has been booked by exhibitors who have specifically come from Qatar to showcase their goods to guests, giving the Qatar Pavilion a brand new feel to it. The GCC Pavilions are available for guests to visit throughout the 20th anniversary of Global Village from 4pm until 12am on Saturday to Wednesday, with Global Village extending its working hours on Thursday and Friday to be open from 4pm until 1am. The region’s leading family entertainment and cultural shopping attraction will continue to welcome guests until the 9th April, 2016.

Qatar Pavilion a huge draw 2 [].jpg

Ahmad Hussain bin Essa, CEO of Global Village, commented on the 20th edition of Global Village and asserted that the large presence of GCC pavilions is a continued strength for the park. “It is a continued source of pride for Global Village to host so many of the GCC countries as pavilions during our 20th season. All of the pavilion organizers developed and executed some amazing ideas to create beautiful facades, as well as offer products, and experiences that local residents, regional visitors and guests from all over the world will enjoy.”

He added: “The GCC pavilions have always been some of the most attractive elements of Global Village. Part of our goal has been to provide a comprehensive cultural, leisure and artistic experience from around the world. The GCC is a unique area that people should be able to learn about when at Global Village and we are proud to see that the pavilions have grown over the past years in terms of the professional level of organization, the size of participating pavilions and the number of products and activities on display from individual countries.”

Ahmad Hussain bin Essa concluded by saying, “We hope to see the success of the GCC pavilions continue to grow in Global Village, because they are an added value to the rich cultural experience of Global Village that is provided to its guests from the UAE, the GCC and the world at large.”