Posted on January 29, 2019

Creativity comes with joys and challenges – for the parent, the child and the teacher. Addressing gifted children’s needs early on in their lives will help shape their future educational and career ambitions.

A recent workshop at Qatar National Library engaged parents and children on ways to encourage gifted and creative young people to make the most of their talents. The workshop highlighted the importance of parent-teacher engagement throughout the schooling period, and how best to provide children with learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

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Alaa Al Saad, a private school teacher who attended the workshop, said: “Teachers should have knowledge of talented and gifted children in their classrooms and most importantly, how to identify them and make the most of their abilities.” “It is important for parents to engage with teachers and talk about their children. The event at Qatar National Library is one such platform for parents and teachers to exchange views and share knowledge about their children. I encourage everyone to join these events in the future.”

Azza Amara, another participant at the workshop, said: “The discussion opened my mind to better understand my child’s gift. I would like to thank Qatar National Library for organizing this event and will continue to attend such events in the future.”

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