Posted on January 26, 2019

There is high interest among schools and teachers in the country towards the educational programmes being offered by Qatar Museums (QM), Dr. Jelena Trkulja, Director of Education at QM has said.

“The level of interest is huge and it’s because of that high level of interest that we are coming up with various alternative and creative means of engaging the teachers so that they can also do self-guided tours,” Trkulja said while speaking to reporters yesterday on the sidelines of QM’s annual Teachers Council held at the Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium. Teachers Council falls in line with QM’s commitment to contributing to the educational landscape of Qatar as a provider of informal education and life-long learning through aligning its offerings and learning opportunities with the interests of the local schools.

Through QM’s initiatives such as the Teachers Council, Trkulja stressed that they are keen to empower more teachers by acquainting them with museum collections and preparing them to be able to lead tours of their students to increase the number of daily visits that can be accommodated in the various museums, thus give chance to all children in schools to explore the museums’ collections. “Teachers Council is a platform we use to communicate our programmes to the teachers and school officials to get them acquainted with the upcoming exhibitions as well as learning resources that we offer and also to engage them to contribute to our work by giving us feedback,” explained Trkulja.

Another QM education platform she mentioned was the Executive Teachers Council for teachers who would like to work closely with QM in developing specific learning resources. “We develop something, we ask for their feedback, we implement their feedback and then we offer it to all the schools in Qatar,” she said, adding they would also like to work more closely on developing workshops to identify teachers who would be ambassadors of museums in their schools.

The museum ambassadors, she said, can disseminate information in their own schools and among their colleagues QM‘s educational offerings and get trained to bring classes in the museums, therefore amplifying the work that the museum educators are already doing. At yesterday’s event catered to English speakers, Trkulja presented to the teachers the wealth of educational programmes and resources that can be integrated in various subjects in schools which are available at museums under QM’s umbrella. The event also saw Dr. Alan Michael Kirwan, Associate Director of Learning and Outreach at the soon-to-open National Museum of Qatar present its exciting features, educational offerings and novel resources available for students.

Presentations by representatives of Culture Pass, Cultural Heritage Division, Children’s Museum and MIA also featured the event, followed by a tour of the ongoing Syria Matters exhibition with MIA museum guides. Another session for Arabic speakers will be held on January 31 in the same venue.

source: The Peninsula