Posted on February 18, 2019

Her Excellency Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani, Vice Chairperson and CEO of Qatar Foundation (QF), and His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Abdul Wahed Al Hammadi, Minister of Education and Higher Education, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that sets in motion a partnership designed to further enhance the caliber of pre-university education in Qatar.

The agreement, signed at a ceremony at the 2015 building (QF Headquarters) in Education City, will harness the experience and expertise of QF and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to maintain and elevate Qatar’s education services, outputs, and performance at pre-university level, as well as the nation’s standing in global education rankings. Areas of focus will include early education and specialized education provision; nurturing and enhancing the skills of those working within the education sector; and curriculum and education policy development. The two parties will also collaborate to jointly establish activities and events that diversify and enrich students’ educational experiences, and to develop initiatives that encourage student innovation.

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Mrs. Buthaina Ali Al Nuaimi, President of Pre-University Education, QF, said: “Innovation and collaboration are two cornerstones of world-class education, and two areas which have defined the way Qatar Foundation’s educational ecosystem has been built and advanced. “We are therefore delighted and honored that our expertise in this field is being combined with that of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education through a partnership that will enhance our already close and impactful relationship for the overall benefit of students, educators, and schools across Qatar. We are confident that it will pave the way for Qatar’s education sector to achieve new levels of excellence.”

The assistant undersecretary for educational affairs of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ms. Fawzia Abdulaziz Al-Khater, expressed her delight in signing the agreement with QF, commending QF’s role in developing education across all levels. “This memorandum is qualitative in nature, in that it fosters the rich and diverse institutional expertise in our schools, specifically our classrooms. It also supports the education system in general through new programs in multidisciplinary fields, which help improve our educational outcomes and teach our students 21st century skills,” said Ms. Al-Khater.

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Ms. Al-Khater commended various aspects of the memorandum, such as the educational projects and educational and cultural activities, as well as other areas of priority, including early education, services offered to children with special needs, developing the skills of academic providers, the offerings of educational institutions and curriculums, expanding educational experiences for students, and developing research policies, among others. To conclude her statement, Ms. Al-Khater thanked QF, stating that she hoped the partnership would create a positive impact on students and the education system by developing and enhancing the quality of services, while ensuring the sustainable progress of the quality of education locally and internationally.