Posted on January 31, 2016

Qatar Career Fair (QCF), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), has wrapped up the first session in its ‘Career Development Workshop Series’, as part of its efforts to help young Qataris acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to plan for a successful career.

The two-day workshop, entitled ‘Discover Your Dream Career Workshop’, provided participants with hands-on experience to help them understand and navigate the career development process, which includes the selection of a career path that is compatible with their skills, interests, values and personality type. During the workshop, participants took career assessment tests and participated in a variety of career exploration and construction activities, enabling them to develop an action plan that will assist them in implementing and enriching their chosen careers.

Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Al Mansoori, Director of QCF, said: "Since its inception, QCF has worked towards providing education, training and development opportunities for students in Qatar, in order to enhance their abilities, bolster their talents and empower them to overcome national development challenges. The ‘Career Development Workshop Series’ was inspired by this framework, aiming to empower Qatari youth by facilitating their entry into various sectors of the local labor market. Thus, the series contributes to Qatar Foundation’s mission of unlocking human potential and supports the development of a knowledge-based economy, in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030."

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“We are committed, through this series, to providing the necessary knowledge and expertise to enable young Qataris to select their chosen career paths. During the workshop, participants learned about potential professions that may fit their abilities and skills, and will acquire, in future workshops, more advanced knowledge that will contribute to their professional development," Al Mansoori added. The workshop featured quizzes and presentations to help participants choose the right professional field, including an introduction into the concept of career planning, as well as helping individuals identify and align their most valuable qualities to achieve their professional aspirations and dreams.

Participants were also familiarized with the career planning model, which starts with a personal assessment of skills and interests to help determine whether their current employment goals are appropriate, whilst encouraging them to map out other career options. Ali Ahmed Al Matwi, a student from Ahmad Ibn Hanbal Independent Secondary School; a participant from the workshop, said: "I found out about the workshop series through social networking sites. I decided to register and attend the event because I’m currently on the verge of finishing high school and I wanted to know which field of study might suit me best."

"Initially, I thought I would like to study petroleum engineering but my participation in this workshop has encouraged me to think about different career options. I’ve also learned about the importance of being confident when choosing the field I intend to specialize in, and the importance of consulting with experts before making important decisions, because my choice will not only impact my university years but my entire career path," he added.

The workshops were designed to facilitate the acquisition of progressive types of career management skills. These include basic career exploration and preparation skills, information technology-based career development skills, and career planning skills for mid-career change, career break, further education and career laddering.