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Posted on December 08, 2013

Qatar Career Fair (QCF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology’s Tumuha TEC program recently hosted a lecture entitled ’Entrepreneurship today: how can this be a sustainable career choice’ as part of its special Lecture Series. The event took place in Texas A&M University and was moderated by Mohammed Al-Muhanadi, entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder of Social Media Solutions (WLL)

The lecture focused on the following topics:

  • Empowerment and entrepreneurship in Qatar today
  • The positive and progressive ’chain reaction‘ effect of improving education
  • Challenges and the cultural context
  • Tools for success

QCF has organized this lecture to provide Qatari youth with an opportunity to attend high-level employment-related events, and the chance to participate in a discussion with careers experts. It will also be an excellent chance for these career specialists to establish networks that benefit the whole of Qatari society in the long term.

Members of the panel included: Mr.Khalid Al Mohannadi, CEO / Founder of Sago (Social-Edutainment Co); Ms Razan Suliman. CEO and Founder of Razan Graphics and Bylens,Mr. Naif- Al Malki, Founder of Youth Foundation and Ms. Shyma Salem Al Harmozi, Founder of Rawaj Creativity;

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Abdulla Al Mansoori, Director of QCF:“The lecture comes within a series of initiatives that Qatar Career Fair is working on together with ictQatar to promote entrepreneurship culture amongst young Qataris. We are in full support of the national development strategy, and we at Qatar Career Fair aim at re-emphasizing the importance of leadership and entrepreneurship and the role it plays in building the society. Each and every one of us has special and unique qualities that differentiate us from one another , and those qualities are the key to our success.”

Razan Suliman, CEO and Founder of Razan Graphics and Bylens and one of the speakers of the Tumuha TEC Program, stated: “I would like all the youths to utilize their time wisely; I would also like to advise all future entrepreneurs to thoroughly research the field they wish to specialize in before venturing into it.”

Mohammed Al-Muhanadi, entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder of Social Media Solutions (WLL) said: “Entrepreneurship is a new concept, but it's growing fast and Qatar is heavily involved in empowering the youth and providing them with tools required for them to be productive and well-presented entrepreneurs. A big thank you to Qatar Career Fair for this great opportunity that gave us the chance to be part of this initiative and helped us create a sustainable career future for all” 

Anyone interested in attending can find out more at