Posted on January 26, 2019

Qatar Biobank, a member of Qatar Foundation, is set to bring together local and international experts on biobanking and personalized medicine for Qatar International Biobanking Conference 2019, which will take place from March 25-27 at the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel.

The three-day conference, titled ‘Quality Matters: A Global Discussion in Qatar,’ is being organized in partnership with the European and Middle Eastern Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking (ESBB), and supported by BBMRI-ERIC, a European research infrastructure for biobanking, and the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER). It will provide a unique opportunity for scientists, researchers, industry experts, and students to learn about the latest developments in the global biobanking sector and showcase their research findings.

Launched in 2011, Qatar Biobank has so far registered more than 18, 000 participants. It collects data and biological samples from the local population in an effort to develop customized medical solutions to the various diseases and health issues prevalent in the country.

Dr. Asmaa Al Thani, Board Vice Chairperson of Qatar Biobank and Chairperson of Qatar Genome Programme Committee, said: “The conference is an opportunity for everyone to learn about the incredible progress Qatar has made to move away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach to healthcare, with the aim of providing customized treatment for patients in the long-term. “The conference serves as an important platform for researchers, policy-makers, and healthcare providers to keep astride of the latest developments in the global biobanking sector.”

Medical practitioners, health and genomic researchers, and the public are encouraged to register for the conference. The wide-ranging sessions and presentations are primarily focused on reviewing quality in biobanking in Qatar and beyond; the role of biobanks in healthcare; the importance of population biobanks; the use of big data and artificial intelligence in medical research; and the importance of international collaborations in biobanking.  

Dr. Nahla Afifi, Director of Qatar Biobank, said: “The conference is designed to allow everyone to participate in a unique learning journey. Students and industry professionals will have the chance to learn about best practices in the global biobanking sector. “The conference’s exhibition offers a chance to businesses and institutions to showcase their products to a diverse audience. We welcome everyone from Qatar and beyond to register for the event and take part in valuable conversations.”

To register for the conference, please visit: