Posted on April 14, 2020

Since the launch of the national campaign to volunteer under the motto ‘For the Sake of Qatar’, about 35,000 male and female volunteers, Qataris and residents, have registered in a gesture that confirms the solidarity and cohesion among all community constituents.

A number of the volunteers have participated in training workshops as part of the efforts to combat the coronavirus (COVID 19). They shared their experiences in voluntary work and the benefits they gained, in addition to the importance of volunteering to community service. Ahmed al Jaber said, “I volunteered for the first time in 2003 and ever since I am interested in the voluntary work as a means of community service. I want to serve my country, Qatar, protect the community, and support institutions and ministries in their efforts to advance services provided to citizens. In my opinion, this is the least that can be offered to the community in these circumstances.”

On the importance of volunteering, Jaber said volunteering gives volunteers new skills to develop themselves and help the community. Another volunteer Mohammed al Madhahka believes that voluntary work is beneficial for both the community and the individual. His voluntary experience dates back to 2014 when he loved this work being a springboard to community service, helping others, developing team spirit, gaining self-satisfaction and getting reward and remuneration by God’s permission. He said, “Volunteering against this pandemic and serving the community stand as a required national service. Many competent authorities worked on the refinement of volunteers’ potentials and equipped them with a lot of skills through training courses.”

Mohamed Shaheen, head of a voluntary team, said the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has given him and other volunteers an opportunity to serve the country through training workshops that offer volunteers many skills including supporting medical teams treating infected people and providing assistance to those who need help. He says that he and his colleagues are happy to serve the country and very much proud about participating in the voluntary work. He concluded that that national cohesion and unity are very much apparent in this large number of natives and residents who announce, around the clock, their desire to volunteer and contribute to the efforts of the State against this pandemic.

Nisreen Battah, supervisor of Qatar Foundation’s training workshops, expressed her happiness over the voluntary work that she has been engaged with since 2014. Commenting on her current voluntary work against COVID-19, Nisreen said she was among the first to register on the voluntary work website and urged her family and friends to volunteer. She added that through these workshops, she equips the volunteers with more skills and knowledge to serve the nation. As for the safety of volunteers, Nesrin said that all preventive measures have been considered for the protection and safety of volunteers, which is extremely important. Regarding the level of volunteering, she said the numbers are huge and constantly increasing.

Another volunteer Hamad al Kenti said that Qatar, the Middle East and all world countries are now facing the coronavirus pandemic. “This pandemic is threatening economies of big and small countries. What makes this pandemic different from other diseases is that, no one single country or sector can defeat it alone. All must join hands and stay at home till this calamity ends and becomes past news.” He said, “Among the most important phenomena that become prominent during crises is the cooperation and solidarity among natives and expats to defend Qatar and defeat COVID-19 until life returns to normal.

“This is exactly what Qatari people, natives and residents, have demonstrated through rushing in thousands to volunteer with the Ministry of Public Health, the Qatar Red Crescent Society and Qatar Charity. This move confirms that seeds of goodness and the roots of Qatar’s love lie deep in the hearts and minds. “Everyone is volunteering. Anyone who stays at home is a volunteer, anyone who provides or organises or attends voluntary training courses is a volunteer. It’s an honor to volunteer with the MoPH driven by a tremendous passion to serve Qatar.”

Faisal Muhammad Abdul Hamid, an organiser of the workshops, said the role of workshop organisers is to ensure smooth running of workshops in terms of registration of participants and trainers and sending them to their halls, in addition to providing the necessary technical support for the trainers during their presentations. The workshop comprises three sections and instructors.

Section one includes motivational speeches delivered by trainers from the Qatari Forum for Trainers. It aims to motivate the volunteers, raise their morale and emphasise the goals and necessity of the national campaign.

Section two provides the volunteers with the iInformation on Covid-19, given by doctors from Hamad Hospital or the Qatari Red Crescent Society. Here, the participants learn about the nature of the virus, methods of its spread and preventive measures. This is in addition to a Q&A session about the virus, as well as correcting concepts, while urging volunteers to obtain medical information from official reliable sources.

Section three provides information on prevention, delivered by a certified trainer from Qatar Foundation’s Infection Control Centre. The participants are educated on how to put on and use protective equipment in addition to the right materials and equipment involved.

source: Qatar Tribune