Posted on October 18, 2016

Early interest in Ooredoo’s Online Safety Campaign demonstrates that families in Qatar are looking for ways to ensure a positive experience online for themselves and their families.

The campaign, which is hosted on Ooredoo Community (, has posted on three topics related to online security and recorded more than 13,000 views in its first three weeks, as well as generating momentum via the company’s social media pages.

In response to customer requests for more protection from inappropriate content on social media, Ooredoo launched the Online Safety Campaign in September 2016 to ensure that parents and children know how to combat explicit content and stay safe when using their computer. Fatima Sultan Al Kuwari, Director, Community and Public relations, Ooredoo said: “Ooredoo believes in preserving Qatar’s traditions and upholding its laws, which is why we invest in the latest solutions to protect our users from the dark side of the Internet. The online safety campaign complements this investment, by providing people with the tools to screen out inappropriate content across a broad range of the most popular social media sites.”  

With this campaign, Ooredoo is looking to strike a balance between ensuring people can access the educational and community benefits of global social media channels, while still being protected from stumbling across negative content. To date, the campaign has covered some of major social media sites including Snapchat and Instagram. Top tips for users include avoiding the ‘Discover’ section, as well as a guide to customising privacy settings and more. The Online Safety post for Snapchat also recommends that parents with children under the age of 13 ensure their child is using ‘Snapkidz’. Unlike Snapchat, the kid-friendly version of the app only allows children to take photos and draw on their pictures, but stops them from sharing or receiving images, their location and other sensitive information.

As well as top social media tips, the Ooredoo Community posts offers information for parents on how to educate children on cyber-security, as well as how to spot fraud calls and more. A new post is published weekly via the Ooredoo Community, and will be available in both English and Arabic.