Posted on April 20, 2014

The National Museum of Qatar opened today a new exhibition at the Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar showcasing the ten final design pieces of Qatari and Brazilian students and celebrating the two winners of the “Kheit” competition, Kinda Morshed from Qatar and Carolina Tonnetti dos Santos from Brazil.

Held during Qatar Brazil 2014 Year of Culture; in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar, and the Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo, Qatar’s international student fashion competition called “Kheit” - Arabic word for “thread”- offered an opportunity for students from selected universities in Qatar and Brazil to research women’s and men’s wear from each country, and create and interpret cultural heritage through art and design. The “Kheit” competition was held between February and March 2014 and participating students designed pieces that incorporate heritage styles of both countries in a contemporary manner. The competition aimed to increase engagement between the people of Qatar and Brazil in the spirit of innovation, openness and learning in the field of fashion.

National Museum opens exhibition [].JPG

As a legacy project, “Kheit” will be a competition held annually with a different country as a way of sharing knowledge and fostering cultural exchange and dialogue between institutions and individuals in cultural, heritage, arts and design. The project also aims to promote a sense of pride, cultural identity, and creative talent between the youth, in addition to expanding local audiences’ perception of arts and culture. On view at the VCUQ from 20 April till 1 July 2014, the exhibition will travel afterwards to the Museu Belas Artes de São Paulo (MUBA – Belas Artes Museum in São Paulo) and will be open to public in September 2014.