Posted on October 12, 2017

Operating as an independent academy within Doha College, Musiqaa has undergone a spectacular remodelling. It had started as a programme titled ‘Instrumental Music’ that worked towards its vision “Music without boundaries” since September 2016. It has now been rebranded into Musiqaa, under a logo designed by one of its own teachers, with a mission that proudly states: “We aim to instil the love for music and create musicians with a deeper understanding of the music, background, style and character.”

In only a short time, Musiqaa has grown into a large operation, currently teaching over 230 students from Doha College and the wider community, who take weekly lessons. Mrs Chantelle Laubscher, Head of Musiqaa, manages a team that includes highly accomplished musicians with a love for teaching. They are: Stefano Guarascio – Piano, Angela Leite – Upper Strings, Enrick Adam – Guitar and Drums, Illenia Torsello – Woodwind, Francisco Garcia – Brass, and Chloe Wiggins – Piano, but they will soon welcome new colleagues. They can teach up to 15 instruments, and soon vocal coaching will be part of the offering too. The Academy hosts ABRSM and Rock School Centre examinations, and has recently launched a brand new initiative, providing music theory clubs on weekends.

Musiqaa makes a marvellous start 2 [].jpg

Ms Ilenia Torsello, the Woodwind Specialist who designed the new logo, explained how she went through many options and after months of different attempts and team consultations, they agreed on the design that now adorns their new centre. “Musiqaa means, of course, music in Arabic; the M represents the stave in motion, to suggest our fluidity, and the Q is a stylised treble clef. There is also a conductor’s baton to suggest that the students can rely on our steady guidance and leadership. It was like a dream come true, how something that was in my mind and stemmed from my hands is now visible to everybody and will build the brand Musiqaa.”

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Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal of Doha College, spoke of his endorsement of the Academy: “I am delighted to support Musiqaa, Chantelle and her talented team of musicians. They provide an amazing teaching and learning experience for our students, which enhances our formal music department. Establishing Academies under the Doha College banner has been a useful way of developing complementary services to support our students’ learning and develop their skills.” Chantelle Laubscher, Head of Musiqaa, added: “Right from the start, I was blown away by the passion that the students have shown for learning music. We are fortunate to have secured incredibly talented teachers, and it’s very rewarding to see how our children progress in an art and a skill that transcends civilisations.”

Doha College has always been a steadfast supporter of the arts and particularly music. Its students have played in concerts alongside Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and have been also involved with the ‘Moving Young Artists’ Programme. Doha College held the first ‘Qatar Primary School Choir of the Year’ competition earlier this year, and is proud to support Musiqaa in its endeavours.

Students interested in learning music through Musiqaa can find more information online at