Posted on April 28, 2018

Qatar has underlined that building sustainable peace is a fundamental pillar of its policy, and that its vision is a comprehensive vision that places at the top of its priorities systematic prevention, peaceful conflict resolution and support for institutions capable of achieving peace.

Qatar stressed the importance of mediation as a key tool for preventing and resolving conflicts by peaceful means, as Qatar contributed to the resolution of many conflicts in coordination with the United Nations. This came in a statement delivered by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs HE Sultan bin Saad al Muraikhi at the UN High-Level Meeting on Peace building and Sustaining Peace on Wednesday.

The minister expressed his belief that the achievement of peace would be beneficial for all, pointing out that "belonging to a region that unfortunately is full of crises and conflicts and has paid dearly for the absence of peace, makes us realise the importance of achieving it". He added that education is a key tool for peace-building, noting that Qatar had made huge contributions to education in many parts of the world, especially in conflict zones and had committed itself to educating 10 million children worldwide and the economic empowerment of half a million young men and women in the Middle East.  He also noted Qatar's cooperation with the United Nations to build capacities and protect young people from the scourge of extremism that leads to terrorism.

Furthermore, he noted Qatar's achievements in terms of protecting the rights and dignity of all who live on its land and guaranteeing decent life for them. He said that the achievement of peace requires abandoning the policies of threat and violation of States sovereignty and the activation of crises to achieve illegal objectives, calling on the international community to put an end to such policies, especially in the Middle East, which is facing increasing crises and conflicts, stressing that peace can be achieved only through cooperation between all and the commitment to international law.

Muraikhi also reiterated the support of Qatar for the efforts and initiatives of the United Nations Secretary-General in the area of preventive diplomacy aimed at achieving peace.