Posted on June 20, 2019

The training course on marketing strategies and channels for small to medium farms organised by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment concluded yesterday. 

A field visit was organised for the participants under the leadership of Eng. Mohamed Abdelkarim Al Awamla, Secretary-General of the Arab Organisation for Agricultural Development (AOAD). They visited Mahaseel for Marketing and Agricultural Services Company, Hassad Food Company and Central Market. Pre-harvest factors that affect the quality of vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants have been identified. The lecturer of the training course explained the most important of these factors: lack of calcium, early infection with trubbs and high temperature

The three-day training course, which was the first course of its kind to be offered by the Ministry in cooperation with the Arab Organisation for Agricultural Development, aimed to train agriculture specialists on marketing strategies for small and medium farms, methods and tools for developing quality and producing healthy, safe and high quality food, in order to maintain consumer safety and to achieving profitability for farmers and agricultural marketing workers. The course focused on building local and external marketing strategies based on effective information and decision-making system, marketing services that enable farmers to produce safe, high-quality and well-resourced products.

In addition, the course involved field training on picking, sorting, packaging, quality inspection, evaluation of fresh vegetables, training in the evaluation of containers, and assessment of the level of the fruit, as well as technical and economical refrigerated storage, the requirements of mixing crops, and training on determining the components of the standard for some agricultural products such as tomatoes, cucumbers and coloured peppers. The course was organised in the field of marketing of agricultural crops, within the Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s interest in the marketing of the production of local farms as part of its efforts to support and encourage farm owners to increase agricultural production and contribute to self-sufficiency.