Posted on August 09, 2018

The Center for Environmental and Municipal Studies at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), in cooperation with Hamad Medical Corporation (Ambulance Service), organised a first aid training course for the ministry staff at the General Hygiene Department headquarters.

The workshop comes in line with the recommendations of the occupational health and safety programme launched by the Center for Environmental and Municipal Studies in 2017, which aims to reduce risks, accidents and injuries at various work sites through training, rehabilitation and development of human cadres of employees and workers. Safety and emergency response have become pillars of the different areas of work at the MME, raising the level of readiness to deal with any exceptional circumstances. Capacity building is a national priority under the Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to provide a stable life for the community and boost national preparedness through the services provided by the ministry to the Qatari community.

The Center for Environmental and Municipal Studies has prepared numerous training programmes in the field of prevention, management and response to risks, crises and disasters, and health and environmental security and safety. The Centre has prepared the programmes in accordance with the laws and regulations that stipulated the need to take precautionary measures to achieve occupational safety and health in the workplace, and to regulate the means of prevention of occupational diseases in order to protect employees from the dangers they face while performing their work. 

The programmes also focus on the commitment of the employee to implement the instructions of the governmental body on occupational safety and health and the use of protective devices and clothing prepared for them, and the performance of the duties of his job in a way to ensure his safety and safety of others.

source: Qatar Tribune