Posted on March 06, 2020

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced to provide upgraded registration policy for private schools.

“We faced some challenges related to student registration, transfer of students from class to class and some other things such as identifying successful students and those who failed in the electronic system of some schools and the issue of IGSC certification,” said Rawda Al Zaidan, Director of Private Schools Affairs Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in a statement. Al Zaidan was speaking at a meeting, which was organised by the Department of Private Schools Affairs, with representatives of private schools and kindergartens.

A two-day meeting was attended by a large number of representatives from private schools and kindergarten. A total of 211 private schools and 111 kindergartens are in the country. “Some challenges arise because the schools do not operate in a unified system, so schools must familiarise themselves with the schedules prepared by the Ministry for this purpose,” said Al Zaidan. “Private schools are running with about 25 international educational curricula in the Qatar including American, British, Australian and New Zealand, and therefore we have to keep updating our system to accommodate each expatriate student.” “We have listed educational curricula in different countries, and we have prepared an educational schedule according to these data, and based on the student’s age and the approved educational grade, so that all schools adhere to it,” said Al Zaidan

The meeting also discussed the students’ transfer from one curriculum to another curriculum, as some confusion arises in some schools in this regard. IGSC certificate was also discussed during the meeting, where schools were directed to the necessity of announcing the results in the month of August each year, as soon as the results come from the British secondary certificate, and specify the class of the student whether they will move to the twelfth grade or remain in same class for repetition. The Information Technology Department reviewed the new system for early enrolment of private school students which ensures the reduction of waiting lists in schools, and reduces the phenomenon of schools accepting more than their ability of students. It ensures that the school responds to parents within two weeks after the placement test, so that the parents have the opportunity to enrol their children to another school. 

The Department called on private schools and kindergartens to communicate with it for further information. The process of early enrolment in private schools started from the beginning of March this year and it will continue until the end of October. The parents can visit schools if they want to enrol their children.

source: The Peninsula