Posted on November 18, 2014

The Qatar Finance and Business Academy held a seminar titled ‘The importance of Human Capital Development in an Organisation’ and its relation to Qatar’s National Vision 2030. The seminar was delivered by Dr AbdulAziz AlHorr, CEO, Qatar Finance and Business Academy to a group of leaders and managers from national and international organisations in the banking and financial sector in Qatar.

The objective of the seminar was to highlight the significance of Integrated Training Development Programs for employees and its role in creating mature, professional and resourceful staff. The seminar was also attended by Dr. Mohammad Al Emadi, Head of Sales and Marketing, Qatar Finance and Business Academy and the senior management staff at the academy. Dr AbdulAziz Al Horr said: “Human capital development in any company is significant and 80% of HR managers believe that the training that is provided to their employees is very significant and is in fact greater than can be determined. Human Capital Development also allows untrained employees to gain the required managerial skills, intellectual capital and technical and professional skills required to make the company a strong competitor in the market.”

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According to Dr. AlHorr, the most important factors for training and developing intellectual capital in institutions are: direct manager cooperation; senior management cooperation; good system; employee initiative. Dr. AlHorr also discussed training budgets and presented a comparison between training budgets locally, regionally and with institutions and companies that have become models for innovation and competitiveness in business. He also discussed the importance of developing the appropriate solutions to training obstacles in institutions, including: lack of time; direct department managers; weak internal systems; senior management; the absence of systematic; the budget.

Other illustrations offered were from international companies who had invested in employees and witnessed enormous positive change in a short span of time. In addition, the QFBA announced the launch of three new categories to the 2015 course calendar, including HR, IT, & Sales and marketing. Currently, over half the programs offered at QFBA are internationally certified courses. The Academy is also running a promotion for program registrations before March 2015.

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