Posted on May 04, 2019

Hyundai is again taking people on journey to discover the spirit of Ramadan this Holy Month, producing a series of short films to share across the Middle East and North Africa. For this year, the chosen theme is ‘Together on the Path of Blessings’, with stories that show Ramadan blessings are for everyone – regardless of circumstances, and even in difficult times. Skyline Automotive W.L.L., is the official distribution partner of the Hyundai Motor Company in the State of Qatar.

Each film in the series will show a family experiencing difficult times; for one, a father and son feel the loss of a wife and mother who has passed away, while for another family the father is sick in hospital. Audiences will follow the families during preparations for Ramadan, during the Holy Month, and for Eid, discovering how they enjoy quality time together, and showing that there are always reasons to be thankful in life.

“Ramadan is a very special time in the Middle East, and we want to recognize that for our customers and for communities,” said Mike Song, Hyundai’s Head of Operations for the Middle East and Africa. “The Holy Month is a time for reflection and thought, as well as a time for family and friends to share special moments with each other. For this year’s theme, we wanted to consider what those moment really mean. It is very easy, when we face difficult times, to think about what is missing from life. These stories invite us to thing about what we have, rather than what we do not, and to understand that even when life is hard, we are still blessed and still have reason to give thanks.”

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Hyundai has made a tradition of producing a special film series for Ramadan in the Middle East, sharing simple, heart-warming stories as television spots and through social media. In 2016, the first series was titled ‘Al Barakah’ and followed the theme of Ramadan Blessings. In 2017, ‘Ramadan Everywhere’ visited various Arab countries to look at local Ramadan traditions. Last year’s series was titled ‘Timeless Ramadan’, offering a sentimental view of some of the Ramadan traditions that pass down through families.

The first short films for 2019 are now online at Hyundai’s official Middle East and Africa YouTube channel.