Posted on April 12, 2019

Mwani Qatar received 321,000 containers during the first quarter of 2019 with a growth rate of 3% over the same period of 2018, a growth of 37% in construction materials. The company handled 110.938 thousand tons in 3 months, an increase of 29.734 thousand tons compared to the handled in the first quarter of last year, which confirms the growth of urban development and the continuation of construction work in various regions.

During the first quarter of the year, the survey showed slight growth in the size of the containers handled during the period compared to the same period of last year, reaching 2.42%. The company has also been able to launch international lines linking Qatar ports with many international ports, especially as Hamad port is the main trade gateway to Qatar with the world, and it’s one of the main ports managed by the company, in addition to the Doha and Ruwais Ports.

source: Al Raya