Posted on February 06, 2014

For the occasion of Sports Day, Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa is organizing “Sports Family of the Year” competition.

Acknowledging the importance of Sports Day as a component of the Human Development pillar in Qatar’s National Vision 2030, the hotel intended to suggest a new and creative concept that would encourage its employees’ participation. Although Sports Day promotes the importance of staying fit, it also stresses the value of group work. Therefore, the hotel sought to organize an event that would combine both factors for a full experience.

Employees will be invited along with their families and relatives to compete in several sports games and challenges held on the hotel’s premises. All activities will be divided into several stages, with members earning merit points as they progress throughout the competition. The family that collects the most merit points by the end of the day will be announced “Sports Family of the Year”, earning a three month membership to the hotel’s state-of-the-art Fitness Centre.

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Commenting on the event Mr. Zeid Talhami, Director of Sales & Marketing said, “We are aware of the long working hours our employees face throughout the day to deliver services up to the high standards that have been established by Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa. By the end of their shift, it is difficult to find enough energy or motivation to exercise. We care about our employees’ well-being and therefore would like to seize this chance to remind them about the importance of their health and fitness. We consider all employees as members of Grand Heritage Family, which is why we welcome their families and relatives to join us for this event.”

The competition is to include activities that will accommodate all ages. Basketball and soccer will be scheduled along with other activities suitable for younger kids such as tug of war and sack racing. All employees are expected to participate in the competition, with the hotel arranging the active and joyful atmosphere needed to provide families with the full experience. 

The Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa is part of the Grand Heritage Group, a chain of luxury hotels around the world. It opened its doors in Doha in late 2011 and has since been an important presence in the hospitality industry in Qatar, both aesthetically and by measure of its services.