Posted on November 05, 2013

Ford Middle East in partnership with Abode magazine screened the movie “Five” – five short films that explore the impact of breast cancer on five very different women to raise awareness of the disease in Qatar.

Through an interconnected story, the films use humor and drama to focus on these women and their lives at different stages of their diagnoses. The stories look at the effect the disease has on relationships and the way the women perceive themselves while searching for strength, comfort, medical breakthroughs and ultimately a cure.

Commissioned by Ford in the US, directors of the movie are Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, Demi Moore, Patty Jenkins and Penelope Spheeris.

Breast cancer is more than a disease, more than statistics. It’s about people and families, whose lives are forever changed by a diagnosis, and Ford Motor Company is working relentlessly to raise awareness and funds in the fight against breast cancer through a unique programme called “Warriors in Pink®”.

Warriors in Pink®, powered by Ford is dedicated to promoting breast cancer awareness across the globe and Ford is proud of its 19-year support of breast cancer awareness through many global initiatives. Launched in 2006, the Ford Warriors in Pink campaign recognizes the strength and courage it takes to deal with the everyday challenges of fighting breast cancer. Warriors in Pink embodies hope, strength and courage and is about women and men finding strength within themselves – their inner warrior – at a time they need it most.

“We know that awareness leads to early detection and early detection saves lives,” said Sue Nigoghossian, Ford Middle East’s Brand Communications & Public Affairs manager. “Warriors in Pink, powered by Ford, has always been outspoken about the importance of early detection, as the risk of dying from breast cancer increases greatly when it is diagnosed in later stages.

“The Ford commitment runs well beyond raising funds. The company is dedicated to making a difference 365 days a year by encouraging women to become informed and visit their doctors, educating them that early detection saves lives,” she added. “Simultaneously, Warriors in Pink is also a campaign that recognizes the strength and courage it takes to deal with the everyday challenges of battling breast cancer day in day out.”

In the Middle East, this is no different, as the disease is the number one cause of death in women in our region, and relatively low awareness rates means that women are often diagnosed with cancer at advanced stages.

Ford Warriors® in Pink apparel

The Warriors in Pink® collection – Ford's unique line of apparel and accessories for women, men and children – is one of the main pillars of this campaign, featuring fashion items and accessories that highlight the 12 Warriors in Pink symbols of hope, strength and unity in the fight against breast cancer. A highlight of the collection is a sell-out t-shirt designed by A-list Hollywood actress, Jennifer Aniston.

Her design, which features a drawing of the moon, is a message of positivity, encouraging people to believe in a cure, inspired by the reasoning that ‘if we can put a man on the moon, we can find a cure for breast cancer’.  All Ford Warriors in Pink apparel is available for purchase on-line at, with 100 per cent of net proceeds from the collection going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation (DSLRF), The Pink Fund and the Young Survival Coalition (YSC).

Ford Warriors in Pink symbols

In addition to the clothing line, the regionally-relevant Warriors in Pink henna art initiative, shows ladies how to become a ‘Warrior in Pink’ and mark their support of breast cancer awareness using henna. 

Women across the Gulf and Levant are encouraged to paint the Warriors in Pink symbol that best represents them. The symbols are versatile, some are worn to honor those that have passed away as a result of the disease, others show a sense of solidarity and standing strong with breast cancer survivors, others to mark a commitment to life and survival in the face of the disease.

Nigoghossian added: “Women in our region have used henna in body art since ancient times, so it is a source of inspiration to us all at Ford to see women using henna to make such a bold statement, in a way that only our region can, in support of breast cancer awareness.

“Women of all ages and nationalities have been wearing the henna Warriors in Pink symbols, and as bone fide ‘warriors’, bringing breast cancer awareness and discussion to the forefront of our local communities, which is our ultimate aim in this campaign,” she said.

Doctors recommend that since older women are more likely to develop the disease, once women reach the age of 40, they should have an annual mammogram, in addition to monthly self-examinations.  Women under the age of 40 are advised to self-examine every three months. People concerned about any abnormalities should contact their doctor immediately.

Find out more about Warriors in Pink, Powered by Ford at Watch Ford Middle East's ‘Are you a Warrior in Pink’ video to learn more about the henna campaign on and To buy the Warriors in Pink collection on-line visit (international shipping service is available).

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