Posted on November 30, 2013

Maersk Oil Qatar has launched a new multi-media campaign to boost recruitment and highlight the challenging but rewarding career opportunities that are available with Qatar’s largest offshore oil operator. Qatari employees feature prominently in the new campaign, encouraging their compatriots to Find Your Place at Maersk Oil.

The Find Your Place recruitment campaign, to be featured in newspapers and online in the coming months, is supported by a dedicated website at where personal stories and information about Maersk Oil Qatar’s employment programme and new Qatarization Strategy can be found. A social media push with the hashtag #FindYourPlace will also be used to attract young applicants.

Lewis Affleck, Managing Director of Maersk Oil Qatar, said: ‘We need to continue to attract the best talent so we maintain the right blend of experience and expertise that has been critical in the shared success, between Maersk Oil Qatar and Qatar Petroleum, in operating one of the most complex oil fields in the world at Al Shaheen. The Find Your Place recruitment campaign will help us do just that.’

The recruitment campaign launch follows Maersk Oil Qatar’s announcement of a new Qatarization Strategy aimed at boosting the number of locals and increasing those in leadership positions.  It came after a year-long study of local and world best practise and builds on the company’s recent success in doubling the number of Qataris at Maersk Oil, along with a notable rise in those with a bachelor’s degree.

Sheikh Faisal Al-Thani, Maersk Oil Qatar’s Deputy Managing Director, said:  ‘We have doubled the number of Qataris at Maersk Oil in the past five years and seen a 23% rise in those with a bachelor’s degree, but we can and willdo more to develop Qataris into leadership positions. The opportunities for employees to develop their careers and learn from some of the best specialists in the world will only grow under our new Qatarization Strategy.’

Mubarak Al Hajri, a Chemical Engineer at Maersk Oil Qatar, is one of the Qataris featured in the Find Your Place recruitment campaign. He said: 'I'm proud to be helping Maersk Oil attract even more Qataris. As a company, we offer numerous development opportunities such as the Maersk International Technology and Science programme (MITAS) that I took part in. It allowed me to work in a different field every few months and experience different cultures and learn from some of the best specialists in the world. There are few companies that would have given me an opportunity like this".

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