Posted on November 27, 2016

Fifty One East, Qatar’s Favorite Department Store, and Sony launched the MDR-1000X, industry-leading[1] noise cancelling headphones today. With flagship noise cancelling performance, this pair of premium headphones offers the most responsive cancellation of ambient sound frequency range on the market.

Available in two colours, black or gray beige, the new 1000X headphones come with their own durable leather case and will be available at Fifty One East store located in Al Maha Center on Salwa Road in addition to all branches of Virgin Megastore as well as major retailers in Qatar.

Extending the range of wireless and noise cancelling headphones already available from Sony, the 1000X is the first to let you own your listening experience by tailoring the noise cancelling features to your ears with a ‘Personal NC Optimiser’ function. The 1000X also showcases for the first time ‘Quick Attention’ mode that lets you place the palm of your hand to the outside of the right headphone ear cup to have a conversation with someone, without taking the headset off. These unique listening experiences are realised by the newly developed SENSE ENGINETM[2] feature.

These are also the first headphones with the DSEE HX™ built in to upscale compressed music from any source to near High-Resolution Audio sound quality, even in wireless mode.

Fifty One East and Sony announce 2 [].jpg

The best of the best

The 1000X stands out from the crowd. A number of advancements have been put into these headphones to make them industry-leading, such as the signal processing to pursue the best noise cancelling performance with upgraded filtering process, optimised dual noise sensor technology, and newly developed ear pads.

Outstanding performance is guaranteed with the ‘Personal NC Optimiser’ that analyses the shape of your head and how you wear the headphones to ensure you have a tailor made experience every time you listen to your favourite track. Hi-Resolution Audio is the chosen file format to listen to your music in the way the artist truly intended and the 1000X headphones brings the best sound right to your ears. Sony DSEE HX™ upscaling also means that non High-Resolution Audio files are as near to this standard as they can possibly be. 

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Hassle free travel

The ‘Quick Attention’ mode means that you’ll never miss a word spoken to you when wearing these headphones. It’s instantly activated by simply placing your hand on the side of the headphone housing to allow natural sound to flow straight through it. This means that you don’t have to remove the headphones to hear what’s happening apart from your music. You won’t even have to miss the flight attendants drink order on an airplane. Making the most of noise cancelling, the ‘Ambient Sound Mode’ setting changes the sound condition so that you can enjoy listening to music while catching the ambient sound outside. This lets you stay engrossed yet aware, catching every word being said around you. 

Sony has removed the need for a wired connection while ensuring the same great sound quality but without the worry of getting tangled up in wires. Bluetooth® technology lets you quickly connect to your phone or music player. Adding to the list of features to make sure you have the highest quality listening experience is LDAC™ and the S-Master HX™[3].

Smooth listening everywhere

Long days at the office or quiet time at the library are no longer a problem as the 1000X wireless and noise cancelling headphones have a mammoth 20 hour battery life[4]; you can take these headphones with you on a flight to a far flung destination on a single charge. These headphones have been designed with the style conscious traveller in mind. They are as good to wear as they are to look at. With a swivel and folding structure, the 1000X can be stowed away in your bag in an instant, ready to jet off to your next destination.


[1] As of September 1st 2016. According to research by Sony Corporation, measured using JEITA-compliant guidelines. In noise cancelling headphones market. (JEITA: Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association).

[2] SENSE ENGINE is an integrated technology of Sony’s unique audio signal processing and analysing techniques. This technology provides an individualised experience for every single sound, including music and ambient sound, tailored to each user's preferences. SENSE ENGINE is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

[3] In addition to most Bluetooth® codecs.

[4] Max. 20 hours (NC ON/BT), Max. 22 hours (NC OFF/BT), Max. 34 hours (NC ON/Wired).