Posted on April 16, 2011

QatarDebate, an initiative of Qatar Foundation presented a live public debate in Arabic on the motion “This House Believes Jobs should be granted based on experience, not on educational qualifications” during the Qatar Career Fair 2011.

The debate, attended by a large number of students and their parents, aimed to provide career guidance for the young Qataris. The debate focused on how young people should attempt to develop a career instead of looking for getting just a job. The proposition team consisting of Ghaneema Abu Faisal, Ali Al Buainain and Ameena Haroun, debated that talents and experience enable the candidates for the job.

The opposition team of Ghroor Abdul Wahid, Shahab Al Shahabi and Manar Saad Al Suwaidi made it clear in their arguments that educational qualifications are the basis on which people should be employed as right knowledge was essential for any job.

Both the teams engaged in a lively exchange of ideas and brought out the merits of education and experience and what can happen in the absence of a right mixture of both. Nazar Mukhtar, an Arabic debate coach at QatarDebate who had trained the students was the moderator at the debate. In the post debate period, there was a question and answer session in which a number of students from the audience exchanged their ideas and dreams on their careers.

Many of the members from the audience took part in a lively deliberation and also sought for right career guidance. One of the particular issues discussed during the public discussion was the right type of educational programmes to be pursued by the students during their higher education. Students also raised concerns about the type of jobs that they might be able to get once they complete their education.

The Executive Director of Qatar Carer Fair 2011, Abdullah Al Mansouri said that QatarDebate has done a commendable job by holding a debate on career development during the Fair. “QatarDebate has helped the Fair a lot in spreading the idea of career development through their involvement.”

source: The Peninsula