Posted on December 22, 2016

Eid Charity announced today that it allocated around QR12 million to carry out four aid projects in Aleppo and Idlib in Syria, in light of the current developments there.

A statement released to the press from Eid Charity said that the four projects will be medical one. The first one will be worth QR 4 million and will look to operate Al Sham medical complex in the North of Aleppo and provide it with the equipment and doctors necessary to provide healthcare to patients. The second project will be to operate the women's and children's hospital in the same complex for QR 1.5 million. The third project is worth QR 5 million and aims to provide necessary medications in the Western parts of Aleppo and in Idlib. As for the fourth project, Eid Charity is preparing five mobile clinics to serve Aleppo and Idlib to provide healthcare services to refugees and dwellers in these areas.

The charity's aid of the Syrian people has reached QR 300 million so far since the start of the crisis. It ranged from providing food to healthcare and education.