Posted on August 16, 2018

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has launched a back-to-school campaign for the 2018-2019 academic year in collaboration with Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar (WCM-Q), Mall of Qatar and the Qatar Unified Awareness Group.

The campaign, which will run until August 31, aims to enhance communication with all parties in the educational process, to prepare students for the new academic year, to involve their parents and all partners in the educational process and to benefit from the support services provided to students and schools to receive the new academic year more effectively. It also aims to remind and emphasise the importance of moral and psychological readiness to study, and focus on the importance of regular attendance from the first day with all seriousness.

Speaking at a press conference, director of Public Relations and Communication at the ministry Hassan al- Mohammadi spoke about the importance of the campaign in terms of preparing students with the participation of parents, and educators, and the need for interaction of all, including visitors with this event through a variety of activities and events and various competitions. He stressed the ministry’s keenness to activate and apply the culture of desire to learn, considering the campaign of successful initiatives of the ministry in order to enhance the capabilities and potential of students and develop and fuel their spirit of competition and creativity through a set of guidance and useful educational advice, to serve the educational system in Qatar at the beginning of a new academic year.

He pointed out that the ministry was committed to its duties and work to achieve its goals. He said that the campaign was not only promotional for the academic year, but is linked psychologically and mentally to every family in Qatar that has children studying in public schools. He called on all segments of Qatar’s society - students, schools, parents, the media, and all partners in the educational process - to participate in the campaign’s activities offered by the students themselves. For her part, chief communications officer at WCM-Q, Nesreen al-Rifai, emphasised the importance of the campaign and the effectiveness of “your health first” to educate children at a young age about the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle which will be reflected in their future health.

Director of marketing at Mall of Qatar Janine Spencer and director of the Qatar Unified Awareness Group Nasser al-Shammari spoke about the educational, cultural, entertainment activities that these two organisations contribute to the success of the campaign and to achieve the desired benefit for each student, teacher, and the guardians. The campaign will be held daily from Sunday to Thursday at 4pm and will continue until 10pm at Mall of Qatar, except on Friday and Saturday, starting at 3pm until 10pm.