Posted on September 07, 2019

Doha College, one of the longest-standing international schools in Qatar, has just announced exceptional examination results, with those recorded for (I)GCSE being the best in the school’s 39-year history, and Qatar.

With over half of all papers marked at A*, 73.4% at A*- A and 97.2 % at A* - C, Doha College (I)GCSE students exceeded all expectations. The results have catapulted Doha College, yet again, into the space of the highest achieving British schools worldwide.

A delighted Dr Sommer, Principal of Doha College, stated: “Very much in the spirit of High Performance Learning, Doha College has again been true to its ethos. The examination results at (I)GCSE surpassed all expectations, and itis truly phenomenal for a school of quite a mixed ability intake like Doha College. At A2 Level and AS Level, we matched past performances, and our students have done exceedingly well. My thanks go to staff for the unfailing support and guidance they give to students daily, and not to forget the parents. High achievement in academic work is only possible if we work in tandem with parents to soak up the essence and the ethos of the school.Congratulations to the entire community of Doha College, our students have yet again done us all proud.”

Doha College was the first school in the world to be accredited as a High Performance Learning school and is it often spoken of as the flag-bearer of this educational approach. The results were equally impressive in the Primary school, where the Year 1 phonics assessments, for example, showed a year-on-year increase, and well above the UK average. The highest achiever in the (I)GCSE examination was Waleed Nasr, who recorded perfect scores in 10 subjects (A*s and 9s). The best AS performance came from Antonia Heidel, who achieved five As (biology, English Literature, German, mathematics and physics).

Sara Mohamed was the highest achieving student at A2, having managed the same feat the year before in her AS examination; a few months earlier, she was named Doha College’s “2019 Outstanding Student,” and received this recognition at the school’s Awards Ceremony held in June.

“Perseverance, time management and organisation are the key factors to how I approach school life,” Sara admitted as she shared the secrets to her success. “The great support I received from teachers and peers at Doha College has also positively contributed to instilling myselfwith a robust self-confidence. From personal experience, anyone has the ability to achieve great things if they have resilience and dedication, which allow an individual to overcome setbacks and treat them as the building blocks towards achieving things they could have never imagined.” Sara is aiming to become a researcher in the medical field, capable of spreading new ideas and discoveries around the world.

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