Posted on January 29, 2014

Mack the Knife, London's biggest thief and murderer has upset The King of the Beggars Mr Peachum, by marrying his daughter Polly. Peachum and his wife, plan to have Macheath captured, but this backfires and Mack's oldest and dearest friend, Tiger Brown, is the Chief of Police and has a cut of Mack's takings!

Undeterred by this, Peachum uses his influence around Old London Town and Macheath is finally captured on the day of the Queen's Coronation. Mack is sentenced to death by hanging, until a saviour on horseback arrives....but what news does he bring?

Doha College brings Victorian London 1 [].jpg

Set within the Victorian London streets this latest Doha College drama production of The Threepenny Opera was a huge success with over 450 tickets sold and a sell-out final night performance.

The 48 strong student cast showcased their acting, production and set design skills as they told the trials and tribulations of the charming, yet dangerous, Mack the Knife and his gang in this adapted production of The Threepenny opera, by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. 

Niki Marks Head of Drama at Doha College explained why they choose the play. “Bertolt Brecht is an area of study for our GCSE and A level students so they can understand the Expressionism genre of theatre. By adapting the script to fit with a school production, the cast were able to embrace the dramatic storytelling and practise their acting skills.This was a slight change to our normal musical performances but the students were amazing and it fitted perfectly with our coreschool values to challenge and reward, I am very proud of all the cast, crew and staff, it was an incredible production.”

The students certainly benefited from this dramatic script, Ainsley Jordan who played the female lead role Polly explained “Playing Polly Peachum in The Threepenny Opera truly was an amazing experience. Acting is something I want to devote the rest of my life to and to be able to work alongside the cast and crew at Doha College makes the whole 5 months of planning and rehearsal an absolute pleasure. This production was very different from the previous Doha College plays. The style of the play meant the acting had to be very over the top and melodramatic, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Because of my acting experience at Doha College, I have been called for auditions at the Guild Hall London, Arts Education in London and the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow. I am so excited about the next stage of my career.”

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All the students’ hard work and the dramatic script and set design certainly paid off as a member of the audience explained “I thoroughly enjoyed the play. The children performed at a very high level interacting well with each other on stage and really engrossing themselves in their characters.  A real delight to see a performance of this high quality being produced by children. I would also like to mention having been involved with performers for many years, in our opinion the production was well directed and rehearsed.  It just got better each night.”

Doha College drama students take part in one major school production each year as they prepare for their exams in Drama and Theatre Studies. Many Doha College alumni are already working within the theatre and film industry,one such alumnus Emma Hold is appearing in an independent murder mystery film in the UK later this year.

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