Posted on July 07, 2019

One of the most longstanding international schools in Qatar and a beacon of world-class education, Doha College recently celebrated its highest achieving secondary students in an awards ceremony at the InterContinental Hotel Doha The City. Over 150 students, their families and teachers, all joined together in a celebration of excellence.

Each year group had a subject award and a tutor award, with some students receiving more than one. The highest number of awards went to Mathula Muhundan, who won them for chemistry, economics, geography and mathematics, as well as receiving the tutor’s award. These accolades however don’t paint a complete picture of Mathula; she had also won the COBIS International Poetry Competition earlier in the year, and played bass guitar in the “Petrichor” band, which – together with “Puffle” – went on to represent Doha College in the nationwide competition “Battle of the Bands”.

Recognition is also given to those students who have shown extraordinary character aligning with Doha College values. The annual Walton community award for outstanding charitable work went to Rebecca Craig for her fantastic work with children with special education needs.

The outstanding student award is granted each year to the student with the highest academic achievement in external examinations. This year, the award was presented to Sara Mohamed, the only student to achieve the highest grade possible in five different AS examinations. Along achieving this, she also attained full marks for Computer Science, full marks in a chemistry examination and 96% in a statistics examination. In addition to all the subjects she studied, she voluntarily chose to complete an Edexcel Level 3 this January, also achieving an A* for that.

Doha College awards excellence 2 [].jpg

Asked how she managed to do all this, she answered: “Perseverance, time management and organization are the key factors to how I approach school life. In addition, the great support system at Doha College, consisting of my teachers and peers, have positively contributed to instilling my self-confidence. As a passionate research enthusiast, my ultimate ambition is to become a researcher in the medical field, capable of spreading new ideas and discoveries around the world and someday I hope to create a significant change to our future – whether it is curing a chronic disease or inventing a new medical technology.”

The ceremony was punctuated with musical performances from Doha College students, including an incredible own-composition on marimba by accomplished percussionist Jack Dillon. The breath-taking piece helped Jack attain the “Highest Mark in Qatar” for his Pearson Edexcel GCSE Music examination last year. The Governor’s award went to a group of students co-ordinated by teacher Eoin O’Connor. They wrote, published and sold a number of children’s books, the proceeds going to Doha College’s charity committee.

In his stirring speech to the students, DC Principal Dr Steffen Sommer urged them: “In order to be as successful in the outside world as you are at Doha College, you will have to look at world through the eyes of others. Only then, will you be able to find answers to the most challenging of questions. Whatever you do, and however you do it, success and failure are always closely linked, like yin and yang. All our inspiration and innovation draw their energy from a strong desire of improvement, of making good or better presupposing that less good trials had preceded. This alone shows how far you have already come on the road to being high achievers.”

Last year, Doha College achieved record examinations results for a second time in a row, no doubt thanks to the High-Performance Learning (HPL) approach. Doha College became the first HPL accredited school in the world. For more information on the curriculum offered by Doha College, please visit